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Weredragon Scholars hit Houston at The Satellite Room


Kellyn Denton, Dathan Denton, and AJ Haener

I love it when things just work out, as if they were meant to be. In the middle of the sweaty, pushing crowd that gathered to see of Montreal perform at the Free Press Summer Fest, I happened to meet three very nice young musicians from Beaumont, Texas. Dathan Denton, AJ Haener, and Kellyn Denton were as enthusiastic about their own music as the amazing performance they were about to witness, and I quickly came to the conclusion that it would be worth my time to check out one of their shows.





Weredragon Scholars took the stage this past Saturday night at a north Houston venue called The Satellite Room. I can’t say much for the venue itself—it reminded me of a rollerskating rink or a middle school dance. This was probably due in part to several signs forbidding moshing (odd that a place seeming to cater to indie artists would have these problems) and the fact that there was no bar (read: family-friendly). However, the talented performance of the band made me forget all about the environment. As the main vocalist, Dathan was on-point with his lyrical melodies, Kellyn added fun harmonies and percussion in various forms, and AJ—well, AJ rocked the guitar and even threw in some exciting experimental vocals that caught me completely off-guard.

The guys and gal switched up the instrumentals, too, leaving no doubt that they have extreme potential to find all sorts of original sound combinations. Playing folksy acoustic songs as well as synthy experimental ones, Weredragon Scholars proved themselves to be the fun, promising band you hope for when you hear a name as cool as theirs. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next.