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Were Omaha Police Right to Post Video Of Diaper-Clad THUG LIFE - or Racism?

The Omaha Police Union finds itself in the middle of a firestorm for posting what is clearly a highly disturbing video of a toddler in diapers being encouraged to swear and use racial profanities reported CNN.

'Thug cycle' -  A video of a toddler was posted by the Omaha police union
photo credit Daily Mail

Officials for the police union are defending their action to post the un-edited video on their website to alert the public to what it called the “cycle of violence and thuggery” the community faces. The union is quick to point out that it is the nature of the lack of parental guidance and even their adults lack of principled behavior which creates the cycle of behavior displayed in the two or three year old child.

With each stream of obscenities that are hurled at the young diaper wearing toddler he hurls them right back and at one yells to an adult, “Shut up, bitch!” The adults merely laugh in amusement and continue their alarming behavior.

Some in the black community of Omaha and even nationally are openly criticizing the release of the video on the union’s website. They are suggesting that it was racially motivated and was being used to portray the black community in an unflattering manner.

The union president begs to differ and suggests that, the video was “disturbing” and offensive,” claims Sgt. John Wells, reported CNN. He stresses that the presentation of the video was not targeted on “any particular group, but on the troubling behavior towards the child.”

Sgt. Wells further emphasized that it is the very nature of the toddler’s encouraged behavior by the irresponsible adults that will “potentially lead this child down a path that is completely unhealthy.”

According to CNN, the police union found the disturbing video on a local Omaha “thug’s public Facebook page.” The Omaha POA decided that it was in the public’s interest to be aware of “the terrible cycle of violence and thuggery that some young innocent children find themselves helplessly trapped in,” commented the union to CNN.

Was it public service or racism? You listen and make the determination. But the bottom line is clear. The cycle of moronic irresponsible child-rearing has to end and with it the cycle of generational “thuggery” that grips too many communities across the nation. The potty-mouth swearing toddler is a problem every Omaha resident and American wants to see ended.

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