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Were Mississippi TEA Party Members Mississippi 9/12 Rally Crashers?

On Tax Day - Thursday, April 15, 2010, the Mississippi 9/12 Project held a rally at the state capitol in Jackson. It went well, for the most part - the speakers were excellent, there were about 60 people in attendance, the weather was beautiful ... but there was one troubling thing that was done. Three members of the Mississippi TEA Party set up with their banner behind the podium, uninvited and without permission. One has to wonder whether Julia Hodges, the leader of the Mississippi TEA Party, sent them to do that. At least one local television station reported that it was a TEA Party rally, even though the 9/12 Project had sent them a press release several times, including the day before the rally, with all information on it. Is the Mississippi TEA Party trying to sabotage the Mississippi 9/12 Project, which has always tried to work together with them whenever possible?


  • MissIndependent 5 years ago

    A agree with what you say!! One has to wonder what the true motives behind all the control issues with the Mississippi Tea Party. I've run into some strange problems with them myself!! It's a BIG turnoff for people trying to get away from the same problems with our current government!!!!!!!!

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