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Were ‘American Idol’ Contestants Cheated Out of Millions by Sony - Says Lawsuit

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You may have voted for them or even wished you could have joined the American Idols on stage as one of them over the past decade. But according to Fox News some highly successful contestants of “American Idol” are suing Sony Music Entertainment for allegedly cheating them out of millions of in well earned royalties.

What has been a seemingly “rags to riches” infatuation by the public which has played out on tens of millions of TV screens all over America and the world may be tainted by the alarming allegations lodged by Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson among others. In their federal lawsuit they are accusing the music industry giant of stripping them of at least $10 million in royalties reported Fox News.

With the American Idol season going strong in the ratings, one has to wonder will this lawsuit put a damper on the special charm and star making power that “American Idol” has accomplished over the years.

The other equally fundamental question has to be considered is how will this law suit which was also filed by Chris Daughtry, Clay Aiken and Jordin Sparks impact on the tens of thousands of hopefuls who appear in the cities that American Idol holds tryouts for. Will these possible contestants vie for an opportunity to become the “American Idol” winner if they feel they will be cheated out of millions?

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