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Wentworth Miller opens up on decision to come out publicly as gay

 Actor Wentworth Miller attends the World Premiere of 'Resident Evil: Afterlife' at Roppongi Hills on September 2, 2010 in Tokyo, Japan.
Photo by Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images

Over the last few years, a number of celebrities, athletes and politicians have exhibited great strength opening up about their sexuality to the public. What each of them had in common is their fear of public reception and acceptance. The same could be said for “Prison Break” star Wentworth Miller, who decided to come out as gay in August 2013. In an interview with Details magazine released Wednesday, Miller opens up about his decision to come out publicly.

Miller opened up about his sexuality in an emotional letter written in response to an invitation from the St. Petersburg International Film Festival. In the letter, the 42-year-old actor blasted Russia for its anti-gay policy, expressing that he couldn’t take part because of the unfair treatment the policy afflicted on its LGBT citizens. Since then Miller says he has felt more open and honest with himself as well as those close to him.

He tells Details, “I feel more fully expressed. After ‘Prison Break,’ I came to grips with the fact that my public persona was in misalignment with how I actually felt. I was out to a handful of people in my twenties, and once I hit 30, I was out to family and friends. But professionally, I was feeding a fantasy. I created this air of ‘We don’t address that thing.”

When asked if he felt he was lying to his fans about his sexuality, Miller said he felt his fans kind of already knew to a certain degree. He felt he was known and recognized for the characters he played and felt it was his job to carry out that perception.

The “Loft” star explained, “The people onscreen aren’t the characters they’re playing. They’re our projection of who we want them to be. I think it’s possible to have a man-crush if you’re not gay or to have a crush on a guy you know to be gay if you’re a woman. Attraction is fluid, and I think our imaginations are strong enough to hold a container for all of this complexity, even if we know on a subconscious level something’s not what it appears to be.”

That is a reason why Miller wasn’t concerned about alienating his female fanbase by coming out as gay. Other gay actors such as Matt Bomer, Cheyenne Jackson and Zachary Quinto have no problem maintaining their female fan bases. Wentworth Miller shouldn’t have a problem either. Read the full interview at

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