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Wendy Williams on DWTS: ‘I was scripted to play the angry black woman’

Talk show host Wendy Williams
Talk show host Wendy Williams
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During the April 15 episode of 'The Wendy Williams Show', Williams claimed that stars are scripted to act for the camera during their time with their coaches. Williams appeared on season 12 of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and was partnered with Tony Dolvoloni.

The 49-year- old talk show host claims DWTS producers wanted her to play a finger snapping, teeth sucking, head rolling angry woman. Williams says she pulled Dolvoloni to the side and spoke to him about the scripted role she was expected to play and Dolvoloni responded “my wife told me I should have told you about that”.

The conversation came up during the ‘hot topics’ segment of Williams’ show. Williams was pointing out the apparent rift between Nene Leakes and her partner Tony Dolvoloni. During the April 14 episode of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ the cameras captured some tension between the two as Leakes removed her microphone and walked off of the set.

Apparently Leakes was unhappy with Dolvoloni’s “attitude” as she shared her time with coach, Derrick Hough during the couples switch last week. Leakes left the rehearsal session saying, “maybe we can start again tomorrow when you have a better attitude. I give you nothing but the best every week and I don’t deserve an attitude.”

Leakes seemed a bit more humble during the judging session on Monday when the judges expressed their pleasure the couples performance claiming it was the couples best they produced this season. Leakes was holding back tears during the judge’s critique of her and Dolvoloni’s performance.

According to William’s, Leakes will do just fine on this season of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ as long as she maintains her sass and attitude. Leakes is known for her confident and confrontational (not that they must go hand and hand) personality on Bravo’s hit show ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’.

It is unfortunate to learn that another reality show has resorted to scripting their scenes and have left little room for cast members to display their reality. It is even more disturbing to discover that scripts are being distributed based on racial stereotypes.

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