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Wendy Williams blasts Simon Cowell for putting baby Eric's health at risk

Photo at left: Wendy Williams. Photo at right: Lauren Silverman, Simon Cowell and their son Eric.
Photo at left: Wendy Williams. Photo at right: Lauren Silverman, Simon Cowell and their son Eric.
Photo at left: Getty Images. Photo at right: Simon Cowell/Twitter.

On Feb. 25, 2014, talk-show host Wendy Williams ripped into Simon Cowell and his lover Lauren Silverman for doing things that she says are putting their newborn baby Eric's health at risk. In her "Hot Topics" segment on the nationally syndicated "The Wendy Williams Show," Williams talked about a recent trip that Cowell and Silverman took to Miami on what was presumably a private plane.

Williams criticized them for not only taking a newborn baby who is less than a month old on a plane flight (doctors recommend that babies that young should not go on planes) but also for allowing Cowell's Yorkshire terrier dogs Sqiddly and Diddly to lick the baby's face and for not properly covering up Eric in the hot Miami sun. "The Wendy Williams Show" had paparazzi photos of Cowell and Silverman with Eric on a beach in Miami, with one of the dogs up in baby Eric's face. No matter how friendly a dog is, there is always the risk that a dog can unintentionally hurt a baby if it gets too close, not to mention the germs and bacteria that dogs have that could be harmful to a newborn baby, whose immune system is not fully developed.

As previously reported, Eric was born in New York City on Feb. 14, 2014. Despite Cowell sharing cute baby photos of Eric on his Twitter account, he is still getting a lot of public backlash for having an affair with Silverman while she was married to Cowell's close friend Andrew Silverman and for showing no remorse for his adulterous, homewrecking behavior. The Silvermans are now divorced. In divorce papers, which were filed in July 2013, Andrew cited Lauren and Cowell's adultery as the reason for the divorce.

Cowell has indirectly admitted to the adultery (without mentioning Andrew Silverman's name) by giving several interviews saying that he is the father of the child that Lauren Silverman conceived in 2013 while she was married to Andrew Silverman. The Silvermans got married in 2003, the same year that Cowell befriended them. Cowell (who is 54) has never been married. Eric is his first child.

However, some people are questioning if Cowell is really the father of Eric, and they say that Cowell is a fool if he has not had a paternity test done. Us Weekly and several other media outlets are reporting that Cowell is financially supporting Lauren Silverman and Eric. Lauren and Andrew Silverman, who both live in New York, share custody of their 8-year-old son, Adam. TMZ reported that and under the terms of the Silvermans' divorce settlement, Cowell is not allowed to be in contact with Adam until 2015. Adam is also not allowed to call anyone but Andrew Silverman his father, according to TMZ.

Williams commented with disgust on her talk show, as paparazzi photos were shown of Cowell and Lauren Silverman with Eric on the beach in Miami: "Look at how red the boy is! Either red from the sun or red from crying like crazy. Why do they have to go away at 10 days old? Well, you could say they're not exactly flying on the same plane as all of us, coughing and wheezing, but they are flying in a germy private plane. They're just as germy as public planes!

"Then, they have the boy playing with the dog. You don't find something crazy about that? The boy is 10 days old! If you want the dog to bond with your new baby, then you give the dog the baby's blanket to play with so that he gets the scent!"

Williams continued, "We called some of our favorite pediatricians, and here's what they said ... Babies aren't supposed to be flying until [they are] 6 months."

Williams then said of Cowell's son Eric being taken on a plane at less than a month old: "It's just too soon. That's just some selfish, rich people mess right there ... Simon, to know now is to do better. Lauren, you should know better, but I get it. You're still in the afterglow of the jackpot of stepping out on your husband, allegedly, and getting with Simon."

It's refreshing to have a TV interviewer such as Williams speak out and say what most people are saying about Cowell and Lauren Silverman.

The Stir, a parenting blog on the Cafe Mom website, also noted that Cowell and Lauren Silverman showed some careless parenting for putting baby Eric's health at risk: "Eric is only 10 days old. Too young to even wear sunscreen — or at least he's not supposed to until he's six months old. Do you have a parenting teacher, Simon? Get a lawyer and sue her!

"That isn't the only parental faux-pas Simon and his girlfriend, Lauren Silverman, made so soon. The baby was taken on a flight to Miami — when most doctors recommend waiting until two to three months to fly due to the air pressure during descent and ascent. But Simon was probably able to keep Eric's exposure to germs to a minimum considering he flew on a private jet ...

"But the sun? Simon, babies' skin is like parchment paper this young. The sun's rays are extremely strong. The ozone layer is practically gone! And Simon, who is a huge sun worshipper and always lounging around on his yacht in the Caribbean, is certainly going to have Eric in the sun a lot. That kid is gonna look 45 when he's a teen."

I've previously reported how much of the media seems to be afraid of criticizing Cowell for his role in wrecking the Silvermans' marriage, betraying a close friend, and causing so much emotional damage. Cowell has admitted that he and Lauren had an adulterous affair, but media people who interview him do not confront him or ask him why he is so smug and unapologetic about it. He even laughs about the adultery in interviews, and trivializes it by joking that the adultery was an "awkward" situation.

TV personalities who have interviewed him since the adultery scandal (such as Ellen DeGeneres on her self-titled talk show, Shaun Robinson on "Access Hollywood" and "Extra" correspondent Terri Seymour, one of Cowell's ex-girlfriends whom he says still gets financial support from him) act as if he did nothing wrong when they ask him about his relationship with Lauren Silverman, and they continue to fawn over Cowell as if he's a great role model to be worshipped. Maybe it's because these cowardly interviewers are afraid that they won't be able to interview Cowell anymore if they ask him tough questions about his appalling behavior in his personal life.

At any rate, based on comments all over the Internet, most people are not fooled by carefully staged attempts to repair Cowell's image.

Williams has interviewed Cowell before (most recently in October 2011), and in the past she has said she thought he was sexy. But ever since Cowell's admitted adultery that broke up Lauren Silverman's marriage, Williams has been an outspoken critic of Cowell, Lauren Silverman, and how they have shown no public remorse for the damage caused by their illicit affair. Williams is also one of many people predicting that Cowell and Lauren Silverman will not last as a couple.

Keep in mind that on Valentine's Day, the day that Eric was born, Cowell chose to be in London working on "Britain's Got Talent" until he heard that Lauren went into labor, and he rushed to get on a private plane to New York City in time for his son's birth. Cowell is the creator of "Britain's Got Talent," so as one of the bosses of the show, he certainly can decide when he can have some days off, especially if it's on Valentine's Day with the woman who is supposed to be nine months pregnant with his child. Cowell chose to work thousands of miles away from her on Valentine's Day (until he was forced to fly back to New York because she went into labor), so that speaks volumes about how "in love" and "committed" Cowell really is to her.

Now that "The X Factor" U.S. has been cancelled, and Cowell won't be a judge on American TV in 2014, people in the United States have been saying "good riddance" to him. However, Cowell craves being a big TV star in America too much to stay away for long. It's only a matter of time before he'll think up a scheme to make his comeback on American TV.

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