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Wendy Rule & the impeccable timing of the Universe

Sleeve photo from "World Between Worlds"
Sleeve photo from "World Between Worlds"
Bob Bloxham

This Saturday, September 4th, Wendy Rule will be visiting Denver to play a show and host a workshop-this after a lot of delays due to problems obtaining a Visa to visit from Australia. Originally she was going to play in June, which was the last time life felt anything near ‘normal’ to me. It seems since the unexpected & sudden death of my Boxer Jake, the world has been turned on its head for not only Doug, and myself but also many other folks I know. Maybe it’s the approaching Fall season, but I’m starting to feel more at ease in my skin so that is certainly a good thing.

It sometimes becomes clear (to anyone paying attention) when I am struggling with my own inner demons at large, because my writing comes to a halt for weeks, sometimes close to months at a time. This summer has been tough, perhaps partly due to my trying to work through my Heart Chakra not one, but two months in a row. I still don’t completely feel as though I’ve really DONE anything concerning the opening & expanding of my Heart Chakra, but I decided early on I would only give it one more month, then it’s onward and upward to the Throat Chakra. I start the 5th Chakra work now, in September-only a few days before I will attend Wendy’s show.

If you don’t understand the correlation between my starting Throat Chakra work and Wendy Rule: you’ve never heard her sing. Wendy Rule is one of my favorites to sing along with, even though I (sadly) only have 2 of her albums at this point I love the way I can really open up and release so much more than just air or sound from deep within when I sing along. Her lyrics on Zero (one of the two albums I have) at times express exactly how I feel about life, spirituality and the mysteries of life, death & everything in between.

From the first time my father showed me how I could plug in our headphones into the Mic outlet and use the earpiece as a microphone, I have loved to play with singing-just to hear my own voice coming out of a speaker. I am not professional material here, but singing is one of my ways of learning the value of doing things for no other single purpose except enjoying it. Yeah sure, deep down I sometimes secretly hope someone will tell me “Wow you have a GREAT voice, my buddy has a band looking for a singer-you should try it!” but I know in my heart my path is not that of a musician. Perhaps someday I will be able to sing in some capacity with rituals or such, but for now it is my simple guilty pleasure to occasionally spend an hour or two (sometimes more) doing nothing but sing for the fun of it. I have heard, as many have I am sure, that sometimes it is not the actual passing of a desired event but the ability to FEEL the feelings such an event would bring that truly matters. I may never know what it feels like to feel connected to an audience who appreciates my gifts-but sometimes while I’m singing in the middle of my living room, I feel free, soaring above the mundane activities of life and there is excitement at all the possibilities in life.

The Throat Chakra is more than just communication, more than using your voice to speak your truth: it also affects our creativity. Last week I painted my first work in acrylics, something I had never done before-and I loved it! Perhaps that is why I am looking forward to this Chakra work! I love to sing, to Belly Dance, to write and to paint. I am, at heart a very creative person. Wendy Rule is highly creative and a gifted artist, using a variety of the gifts that are her own birthright. I take it as a favorable sign that she is coming to Denver within days of my jumping into Throat Chakra work and while I know so many people who are experiencing some very challenging times right now, I hope I can continue to dedicate time on a daily basis to sing, dance, write, paint & create: not for money, not for gain or fame…but simply to remember the simple pleasures in life.



  • cousin Diana 4 years ago

    Always sing as tho nobody is listening , dance as tho nobody is watching and love God for the abilities you have for life and the dreams you hold....It is what it is and remember that you already have been discovered in this world and fully appreciated for all you do

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