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Wendy Rule's course 'Living A Life of Magic' still has space!

My favorite singer of all things Witchy has joined with her Raven King husband Timothy Van Deist to create a year-long course that starts in March. They have worked together to create this opportunity to help others experience bringing Magic into their daily lives and to develop Rituals filled with deep, personal meaning. I signed up for the course without hesitation, eager for the personal attention, support and guidance I will have access to during this year long course from Wendy.

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‘Living A Life of Magic’ is the name of the course and clicking on the link will take you to information located on her personal website. They have announced there are still some spaces left, so if you are interested I urge you to visit the link and contact Wendy as soon as possible! There are two payment options for those interested: an easy pay-as-you-go $60 a month or a discounted price for payment in full.

I have been in Wendy Rule’s shining presence four times since 2010, twice in performance and twice in workshops she has lead. At the time of each visit by Wendy to our area I was concentrating on throat chakra work; with the beginning of this workshop next month, once more she will come directly into my life during my throat chakra work. Three cycles of this chakra workbook and all three times Wendy appears during Throat; if you have heard her sing you understand this connection! Still, it seems unlikely that anyone could plan the timing that well, yet it has happened in 2010, 2011 and now in 2012. I choose to see this small bit of synchronicity as a sign I was destined to have such an amazing Teacher of Spiritual Living as I’ve found in Wendy Rule. As well, we are both Scorpio’s and she represents so many aspects of my own self that I would love to bring more to Light that I feel blessed to have her in my ‘spiritual corner’.