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Wendy Davis' past being investigated as part of FBI probe

Wendy Davis
Wendy Davis
Photo by Stewart F. House/Getty Images

Wendy Davis made her way into the spotlight after an 11-hour filibuster on the floor of the Texas assembly against a bill that would have banned abortions past 20 weeks. Now she’s running for governor of the state but she has a problem, he past work as an attorney is being questioned by the FBI.

According to the Blaze, state authorities said that a probe into the North Texas Tollway Authority involves Davis, although they wouldn’t clarify whether or not she is the main focus or if it’s a part of a larger investigation.

“The Travis County district attorney’s office said last month that details from its review of a 2012 complaint that a rival filed about Davis’ legal and political activities were ‘the subject of an open investigation’ by the FBI,” Dallas Morning Newsreported. “The district attorney’s office closed its review last year without taking any action.”

Davis claims there’s no conflict of interest between her work with the Tollway and her work as a state Senator and she has not been questioned by the FBI, according to one of her spokesman. They added that she was made aware of the investigation in 2013 but had no idea the FBI was involved until she was told by the Dallas Morning News.

They also claim that she’s not the target of any investigation, as far as they know.

Davis gained favor from the left nationwide for her filibuster of one of the toughest abortion bills in the nation. Twitter blew up with so-called women’s rights activists tweeting the hashtag #standwithwendy who claimed that the bill would be detrimental to women’s reproductive rights.

Propelling herself into the spotlight by using the murder of the unborn isn’t the only shady behavior from Davis either. For a long time she led her supporters to believe that she was a single teen mother in order to gain their favor as a strong woman. Come to find out, not only wasn’t she a single teen mother, she dumped her kids on her second husband while she attended Harvard law school that was paid for by him cashing in his 401k.

In addition to her false claims and shady behavior, she and those involved with her campaign have also on several occasions made fun of her handicapped opponent in the gubernatorial race, Greg Abbott, for his being in a wheelchair, suggesting he was faking his injuries in order to garner public support.

These are just a few examples of the deceit this woman has used in order to obtain power. However it shouldn’t be surprising to anybody given that seems to be a common tactic among our liberal counterparts.

With the recent rash of Democrat lawmakers being taken down by the FBI, and with her personal history of lies and deceit, Davis has more than ample reason to fear being investigated by the FBI. All we can hope for is that she shares the same fate as her colleagues.

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