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Wendy Davis gave up first daughter in 2005 divorce

Recent reports about “Abortion Barbie” Wendy Davis, who is a leading candidate for governor of Texas as a Democrat, has been about her divorce with her second husband, Jeffry Davis, who is the farther of her second child and paid her way through Harvard Law School. Davis also had an older child form her first marriage, and she also gave up that child to Davis during that divorce from her second husband.

Wendy Davis gave up both daughers in divorce
Photo by Stewart F. House/Getty Images

Breitbart news reports it this way, “Wendy Davis's first daughter Amber, born during her first marriage to Frank Underwood, was 23 at the time – an adult. Her daughter with Jeffry, Dru, was 17.”

So Wendy Davis had a daughter with her first husband, before marrying Jeffry Davis (who last name she still carries after divorcing him), and then had a second daughter with Davis. During the 2005 divorce with Davis, she surrendered custody of both daughters to Davis, even thought Davis is not the biological father of the first child. Essentially, Jeffry Davis adopted Wendy Davis's first daughter.

That says a lot about Jeffry Davis to be willing and desiring to do that, that he adopted a young girl who is not his own biologically but is the sister of his daughter and no doubt he desired to have a good family and raise both daughters. But what does that say about Wendy Davis that she was so determined to have a political career that she would willingly give up both daughters to advance her own political ambitions?

Breitbart reported on the issue, “In some press reports, Senator Davis appears to have been relieved, even eager, to relinquish her parental obligations. Jeffry Davis told Slater "[s]he did the right thing," in agreeing to the divorce decree that granted him custody. He added that in their discussions prior to finalizing the arrangement (court records state they participated in a mediation process), "She said, 'I think you’re right; you’ll make a good, nurturing father. While I've been a good mother, it's not a good time for me right now.' "

Breitbart quoted Jeffy Davis as saying about his ex-wife Wendy, “I think she had a midlife crisis. She wanted to be around a younger crowd."

Davis was elected to the Wichita, Texas city council in 1998 and changed her hair color from brunette to blonde. It would appear Davis was in the process of re-inventing herself for the purposes of political viability.

The Davis's were divorced in 2005, with Jeffry getting the children, and selling his successful real estate title company and giving Wendy Davis half the proceeds from that sale, after having paid for her attendance at Harvard Law School.

Now Wendy Davis gets to play politician entirely from having been supported, financially and otherwise, by her ex-husband. So much for being self-made.

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