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Wendy Davis campaign accuses Greg Abbott of being against cures for cancer

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott
Photo by Erich Schlegel/Getty Images

According to a Saturday story in the Houston Chronicle, the Wendy Davis for Governor Campaign has released an attack ad suggesting that, in effect, her Republican opponent Greg Abbott is against finding a cure for cancer. The charge stems from a scandal that erupted around the tax payer funded Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas awarded an $11 million commercialization grant to Peloton Therapeutics without proper review. Abbott, as Texas attorney general, was charged with oversight of CRIPT.

The ad features a cancer survivor named Manuel Alvarado who suggested that Abbott was lax in his oversight of CRIPT because he received campaign donations from some of the companies that has gotten grants from the cancer research group. Alvarado goes further and actually suggested that Abbott cared more about taking care of his supporters than he does finding a cure for cancer. Abbott’s campaign suggested that the charges levied in the ad have already been refuted and that it shows signs of a desperate campaign.

Davis’ campaign previously released an ad accusing Abbott of being soft on rape. The ad stemmed from a Texas Supreme Court case in which Abbott, then a member, voted against a rape victim and for a vacuum cleaner company in a civil case that stemmed from a rape committed by a door to door salesman. The court found in favor of the rape victim and allowed her to sue the vacuum cleaner company.

One of the other aspects of the CRIPT case is that opponents of Texas Gov. Rick Perry claim that he attempted to shut down Rosemary Lehmberg’s public integrity unit not because she was convicted of drunk driving and refused to resign but that the unit was investigating Perry’s connection to the CRIPT scandal. Perry’s lawyers have an avadavat from one of the PIU’s investigators that indicated that there was no evidence that Perry was involved in the CRIPT scandal.

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