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Wendy Davis and Two Years

Wendy Davis- older than she looks
Wendy Davis- older than she looks
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This column believes it is politically astute. Really. But for the love of all that is holy, what is the problem with Wendy Davis shaving a few, two actually, years off of her age?

Okay, it is not the best strategy. Lying about facts that can be checked.

"More problems" conservatives are screaming. Are rather smart woman shaming.

Her ex-husband helped to pay for college and Harvard Law School.

Oh no. Where is a special prosecutor when you really need one?

This column was unmoved when Elizabeth Warren might have deliberately or unwittingly misrepresented the amount of Native American blood she has swirling in her veins. Demand her birth certificate now! Wait, she's white- cancel.

The fact remains she is a fantastic Senator and one of the most financially astute elected officials around. She know more about the banking industry than all the Congress folks bought and sold.

But we digress.

Wendy Davis can count to three. (Reference Rick Perry)

She did launch a true filibuster where she was not allowed to lean, go off topic or relieve herself. In fact, when she very much stayed relevant, she was ruled out of order. by the b'hoys running things.

She did not read from Dr. Seuss. (Reference Ted Cruz)

George W. Bush was in an altered state until he was 40. Many folks believe his taste for substance abuse extended beyond that and up into the White House. And his "problem" was not limited to alcohol.

He also crashed three businesses and not a whiff about this in the press during the 2000 election.

Oh remember how he trained to be a fighter pilot and spent the Vietnam War in Alabama? Hardly reported at all.

Maybe if his only issue was that he simply took a few years off of his age, his Presidency would not go down as the worst one in our history.

Wendy. Get it together. No one whines and moans and changes the subject like conservatives.

They cannot fight on the facts so they will leech onto something seemingly trivial and suck it dry.

"He paid for law school" will be their battle cry.

And it is certainly a great thing that someone helped her become an attorney/activist/ politician.

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