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Welsh flag "demonic"?

Welsh flag
Welsh flag
Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

So, yet another cook has risen to throw his so called religion down everyone else's throat. Nothing new anymore.

But, without starting a theological war here, as that is not what I am trying to do, we can all agree (so I hope) regardless of your faith, this guy is a nut job.

The story:

Rev George Hargreaves and his group of fanatics have decided that the red dragon on the flag of Wales is a sign of the devil and therefore must be removed immediately.

Forgetting the fact that this has been an on and off again flag of Wales since at least 1485 by Henry VII, it is also a symbol of the mythological King Arthur.

Arthur was said to have used the battle standard of a red dragon in battle, but I suppose that they will next point a finger at the stories of Merlin and say that he was a devil worshiper with his magic... o wait.. someone already has...

The Rev said that Wales was "the only country in history with a red dragon as the flag". Actually, you are wrong again sir. The country of Somerset also has a red dragon, though this one is on a yellow background and rampant with blue claws (much akin to the Scottish Royal flag).

What is even better is that a Bishop called the Rev. Bishop David Yeoman said few Christians in Wales would associate the dragon with the devil.

He said: "The dragon is a very ancient symbol in Wales. I doubt whether most Christians would see it as demonic. They see it as a symbol of the past."

And what would the Rev like the flag changed to? A black and gold cross of St. David. Of course, a symbol of your religion Georgie.

He is trying to get this put to a vote in Wales, and a part of me would like to see it put on a docket, so that he may get the results and see 99% opposed to his 1% with his followers for (though I doubt he would even understand then that he is wrong).

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