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Wellness Plan makes puppy and kitten care easier for Pet Owners

puppy waits for wellness visit
puppy waits for wellness visit
photo by D Tobin

You have your puppy and you want to make sure he or she lives forever; You 've read what they need and gone to the vet; Still even after your visits you wonder;"When do I start heartworm prevention I have it in my budget to go for that visit and exam?"

Thanks to wellness plans, those questions get answered by a monthly charge that is divided throughout the year so each visit is not a break on the bank. Banfield veterinary hospitals already offer a wellness plan ; According to their website,"," they have 770 vet hospitals in Petsmart stores across the country.

However, these plans are no longer the domain of the larger vet groups, but have now become popular with smaller local vets, such as Ironton Animal Hospital in Lincolnton

"I got the idea of giving my patients a card, something that looks like a drivers license" ; says Dr. Tony Levine, "but I realized they needed more so I got the idea to give them a plan that would cover all the puppy or kitten needed that first year divided up into monthly payments."

Not all pet owners live near the larger pet stores to have access to a plan. And even if they did, many would prefer to have that same option at their own vet .

The care plan that Dr. Levine offers includes all the basics of wellness care for $33.00 a month with a one time joining fee of $99.00

Ironton Pet Care plan:

Routine exams

Vaccines and fecals

Pre op blood work if needed

Pet Spay/neuter option (monthly cost more)using the laser

Use of equipment for non routine treatments such as emergency surgeries

Dr Levine is currently considering a heartworm option too that will cover that preventative for puppies. The spay neuter option will also include the highly successful laser surgery which is less invasive than traditional surgery. Laser surgery reduces recovery time with less pain, less swelling and less bleeding than traditional surgical methods.( "")

Once a pup or kitten goes past 12 weeks, the plan easily converts to an adult wellness plan which again removes the stress of an expensive vet visit once or twice a year, to monthly payments

Having a plan at the local vet makes it more convenient for anyone who needs those gentle reminders and who prefers to be able to take their pet in for visits knowing it's covered. For more information on the plan at Ironton , you can go to their website at "".


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