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Wellness is discovering your place on the continuum of life

Light transcends nature.
Light transcends nature.

When we speak of recovering vitality, wholeness, or clarity, we are really rediscovering right relationship to Life. In that sense, the absence of wellness is merely misunderstanding our environment.

Recognizing that our concepts of God, Creative Potential, Wisdom, Love, Light, Faith, Strength, or the like are actually power, presence, knowledge, compassion, and love allows us to discover the Quality that is greater than us and ultimately sustains us.

And when we can get into a universal perspective, we recognize that all methods of teaching have value.

You see, we are in relationship to what I like to call little "g" god as we channel Big "G" God. Little "g" god is different for everyone depending upon where they are in their evolution of self-understanding.

Little "g" god for a child is a parent, teacher, or pet, but the little "g" god for a person of attained spirituality may in fact be him or herself in the form of intuition gained from spiritual perspective through prayer, fasting, and meditation.

Little "g" god can be a savior, master, minister, spiritual teacher, guardian, guru, and perhaps for some even principality. Little "g" god is our teacher that facilitates initiation to our understanding of Big "G" God.

Don't get caught up in the G-word, God. Call it what you like, but Big "G" God is in fact Light. And few ever have a direct relationship with Big "G" God, which is the source of Life, vitality, and knowing.

So in order to find wellness over the course of a lifetime, one may struggle with the little "g" god in order to develop closeness for and understanding of Big "G" God.

The spiritual path is really about surpassing the little "g" gods in our life to truly understand our potential. Most learn through trial and error, and the most successful spiritual aspirants suffer at some point on their path because they are struggling to surpass the expectations of the little "g" god in their life.

In that sense, illness can be a lesson if we survive and do not sacrifice our principles in order to do so. Illness teaches, and recovery is truly graduation. Wellness techniques allow us to develop skills to deal with an upset little "g" god as we strive for a better understanding of Big "G" God.

We can cause illness through defiance of the spiritual expectations of our little "g" god, or we can lack wholeness because we defy universal principles that regulate life force from Big "G" God. What we cannot do is surrender our understanding that little "g" god's lessons must at some point be subservient to Big "G" God's characteristics such as unconditional love and forgiveness.

It takes courage to heal.


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