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Being busy all the time is not easy. We have daily, weekly, and life challenges. What I found throughout my own personal discovery, is that we need to take time for ourselves. I have been told for the past four years from my friends that I need to slow down because one day my body is going to do it for me. When you have to work several jobs to pay your bills, because you are not making as much money you did before, it is not easy to take a few minutes a day.

This summer my life little by little is getting better I did take a break on the weekends and spent time with myself. It works. As some people who will read this and know me I am a paranormal investigator, educator, and very spiritual. Now this does not mean I go to church every day, but I do believe in God very much. I am a person who makes connection with nature, people, and the universe as a whole.

Why I am sharing this with everyone? I think everyone should know that if we sit still and keep going and going and going on the same path and get nowhere; this path will be continued. However, if you take the time and make a connection with the universe through meditation, and breath; the results will be rewarding. I to have struggles with a lot of different aspects in my life, and I am not finding changes for all of them, as I go along. This is very important for your health, mind, and soul.

Wouldn't it be nice to wake up one day happy, glad to be alive, and look at nature and animals in a way that brings joy. Also, I do not believe in things just happening. I believe there is a connection in everything we do. Try to wake up and change your whole life around, and be happy. If you need any guidance at all let me know, and I will help. Listen to what your inside tells you, and what the universe tells you, it will be OK.

Written by,

Cheryl A Nocera