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Welles House welcomes home LiveSciFi Tim Wood

Insidious does not come close to describing this despicable house that has gripped Tim Wood - which also coaxed him into purchasing the home. Wood was involved in investigating the home months before purchasing it as well as releasing that information to the public.

Welles House Pa's Amityville Horror House

Beckoning calls from across the states could not be left unanswered any more as the house called out to him and bore his name on a hidden wall, his name that was etched there in preparation for his return "Home". The wait is over, as Woods and his team which includes America's Most Haunted Man and Demonologist, John Zaffis as well as Country Roads Paranormal Investigator David Spinks.

While conducting their first night of the 48 hour live stream investigation they were literally physically assaulted from unseen forces who are "Highly intelligent" as Tim Woods tells of the incidents that occurred. Each person would go in a room alone to experience as well as call out to the lingering spirits and entities. Wood entered a room upstairs where the presence of spirit was heavy and felt throughout the home. He was quick to leave and rush outside as he became violently ill.

David Spinks entered the same room after Wood and asked "who are you?" and was attacked by another spirit. The entity came up from behind, circled and struck him in the chest and throat area. Spinks began to choke and ran downstairs.

John Zaffis' to the events that were unfolding before his eyes was to pray and keep them at bay. "I immediately knew what I had to do, I had to pray" Zaffis told us. He agrees on the negativity and ill minded spirits that have "pulled" the team together. Spinks confirms that with the co-incidences that the spirits were zoning in on each one of them.

Psychic Kristin Manning aided the team with her incredible abilities to draw the unseen. Manning was able to visualize for the team the attack on David Spinks with incredible clarity and definition.

As we interviewed the team and took pictures, entities were caught in the window and all around the outside of the home. While inside the home talking with the team we witnessed first hand the extreme and unsettled activity that would not let go of that structure. Two members on the journalist team, Jospeh Kunstek and Krisi Konvict were afffected at the home as well. Joe had recieved scratches on his chest while the photographer, Krisi Konvict, had multiple scratches on her back that had words spelled out.Neither of them felt the scratches happen, Joeseph said that it was a "burning sensation" on his chest. Krisi Konvict said she believes hers happened when she positioned herself to take group pics of Wood's team on the steps, she felt something "crawling" and "itching" on her back but was not aware of what happened on her back until later that evening.

Those entities that have waited for Tim to come to them. Entities that have led John Zaffis, David Spinks and Tim Wood to an incredible and horrific investigation.

More information can be found on the following links. Welles house is a documented haunted home dating back to reports as early as the 1970's. Any one having any information to the haunting events during that time can contact the team here or through the links provided below.

Stay tuned, as this story will not is very restless to say the least.

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