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Welles House EVP

This EVP was taken during an interview with Tim Wood, John Zaffis and David Spinks, as they were conducting a 48 live stream investigation of the notorious home that has been noted to have a demonic haunting since the 1970's and possibly even earlier.

Welles House Pa's Amityville Horror House
Krisi Konvict

While speaking with America's Most Haunted Man and noted demonologist, John Zaffis he agrees that there is a lot of activity in the house. "I do not know what to say about the EVPS nothing surprising for that house there are so many things going on there. nothing surprising for that house there are so many things going on there."

Confirmation from one of our most experienced in the paranormal field. Many questions have been tossed my way after publishing the previous articles on the validity of the home being haunted. Beside the fact there are police reports and many eyewitnesses, it also brings with the aspect where some investigators and some people that have lived in the home who were not exposed to the paranormal activity. As we all know in this field, this is the normal reaction of any haunted location. They do not always produce recordings, pictures or tables being thrown at those who dare to enter.

The have a will of their own and will do what they want to whom and when they choose to do so. We cannot question that we have not experienced ourself in regards to death and the "other side of life". Hopefully everyone will keep an open mind but there are those that tend to pass judgement as this is the way of the world.

My team was their to interview and ended up with evps, pictures that held spirit figures, and a physical scratching of two members that were with me at the interview.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and views, but please note, this evp was captured by a member of PPM that was separate from the live-stream investigation.

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