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Well-trained men rescue horse from muddy pond

The horse was giving up and the rescue of the horse was most timely
The horse was giving up and the rescue of the horse was most timely
Sheriff's Office Photo

A horse that became trapped in a muddy pond in southern Florida on Jan. 21 had a narrow escape, but thanks to a number of quick thinking, caring and well-trained men, he is able to rest from his ordeal today. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office Agricultural Crimes Unit answered an emergency call to Patsy Drive to rescue a horse that was mired in a muddy hole.

At first glance, the Agricultural Crimes Unit personnel realized that this horse was in trouble and more assistance was required for a good outcome. They quickly called upon a Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue Team for help. The responding team of rescuers assembled from Lee and Collier County Sheriff’s deputies.

The muddy waterhole had an eight-foot embankment without ready access. The horse had become trapped in this hole, and had completely exhausted himself. It was obvious he could not get to his feet or stand. It became necessary to support his head above the muddy water so he would not drown. The rescuers talked to him and did their best to calm him as they quickly prepared the area where they planned to extricate him.

They used the rescue glide and other rescue equipment to efficiently and expertly pull the horse to dry ground. A loud cheer went up when the horse was able to stand and walk unaided.

A veterinarian that arrived at the scene was optimistic that the horse was going to be fine.

Credit and thanks are extended to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, the Lee and Collier County Sheriff’s deputies, Van Roekel & Associates Veterinarians and the Tice Fire Department.

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