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Well Read at Bell Tower Shops announces book signing events (Photos)

On Feb. 26, 2014, boutique owner and manager Robin Currier announced upcoming book signings by local authors. The boutique is Well Read by Hope Hospice, and it is located at Bell Tower Shops in Fort Myers, Fla.

Love of literature at Well Read by Hope Hospice, owned and managed by Robin Currier
Humpty Dumpty, Image: Wiki
Zac in "Allie's Adventures" book series
Zac in "Allie's Adventures," Image: Susi Galloway Newell

In March and April 2014 at least two authors will appear at Well Read. Author DJ Smith is one of them, and she is scheduled to appear on March 8. Smith will also speak on reading, writing and acting.

According to Currier, Smith has a teaching and entertainment background, and her books and CD are part of a children's book series called "Allie's Adventures." Susi Galloway Newell is the series' illustrator.

Well Read is a clothier and gift shop dedicated to Currier's, to everyone's, love of art and literature. To learn more about Robin Currier go to Hope

The store features men's, women's, children's and baby's fashions and accessories, plus many book titles are referenced on merchandise as well.

Book titles and original art at Well Read include:

  • "Moby Dick"
  • "Jane Eyre"
  • "Humpty Dumpty"
  • "Princess and the Pea"
  • "Allie's Adventures" (1st in series - "The Little Apple")

As the upcoming book signing events approach more details will be available. For now readers will be happy to know about this store, its ties with Hope Hospice and its unique location at an outside mall, Bell Tower Shops.

Bell Tower offers over 50 retailers (see listings below). Discover more on the following at links - Directions, Events, Contacts and Info.

Bell Tower shops include:

  • Trader Rick's
  • Banana Republic
  • Bath & Body Works
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond

Bell Tower restaurants include:

  • Courtyard CaféCru
  • DaRuMa Japanese Steak House & Sushi Lounge
  • Fresh Market
  • Grace & Shelly's Cupcakes

In the future, additional authors and book signings are expected at Read Well. Enjoy above video on "Pet Hospice Helps Owners Say Goodbye."

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