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Well-named Unibroue beer benefits from the end of the world

La Fin du Monde may be scary, but it tastes AMAZING!

So the supposed Mayan prediction of tomorrow's coming apocalypse might be specious at best, and most likely a ridiculous misinterpretation... there are no impending giant planetary collisions, galactic equatorial alignments, or magnetic polar reversals planned for December 21st. In fact, renowned astrophysicist and all-around science badass Neil deGrasse Tyson unequivically stated on Twitter, "Y'all should know by now that if the World were going to end for any cosmic reason, I'd tell you how and I'd tell you when."

But don't tell this to the marketing department at Unibroue, an exceptional brasserie from the province of Quebec in Canada. Well respected for their exceptional Franco-Belgian-style brews, these intrepid souls are taking full advantage of the apocalyptic phenomena to promote one of their flagship ales named, quite appropriately, La Fin du Monde. In case you didn't know, this translates in French to: The End of the World.

Of course, we all know there's no Fin to this Monde anytime soon, and it probably won't happen in a single day either way, but can you blame the Unibroue folks for capitalizing on this coincidence? Perhaps the biggest (but not the only) and most-hyped prophecy of mankind's destruction since the year 2000 crap, it would have been foolish for them not to hop on this bandwagon, and they have done so in a very creative way. At many bars in the U.S. and Canada, there will be a midnight toast (that's this evening at the stroke of 12) of this delicious golden Triple, celebrating La Fin du Monde Day. Depending on the location, there will be giveaways of swag - glassware, t-shirts, etc. - and specials on La Fin du Monde and other Unibroue beers. Being a fan of this liquid gold already, I'm thinking... why not!? I'm usually up at midnight anyway...

So the only local place I've heard mention the toast is (shockingly) The Avenue Pub. And with this lovely beer on tap for the very first time ever in the history of creation (it's only been available in bottles prior to La Fin du Monde Day), you will certainly be in for a treat. So join me there late this evening to raise a glass to our demise, and if the world does come to an end tomorrow, at least you can say you tried it. But let's just hope the Mayans were wrong* and we get to enjoy this fine brew for a few more b'ak'tuns...

Until the end... drink well my friends.

Mark Burlet
Drunken Intellectual
Twitter: @DrunkIntellect

*In fact, there are no records showing that the Mayans ever actually predicted an "end of the world". This is simply one (greatly reaching) interpretation based on the Mayan Long Count calendar and their idea that the world traveled in cycles, and that this date (December 21st, 2012) coincided with the beginning of a new cycle. Several Mayan writings reference dates beyond this one, however, indicating an expectation of the continued existence of Earth, as well as human society.


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