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Well maintained homes are more likely to survive disasters

How well will your home stand up to the next natural disaster?
How well will your home stand up to the next natural disaster?
Dan Vale

This article will use a limited number of examples to discuss important reasons why preppers should keep their homes well maintained. Obviously, there are many more reasons than can be discussed in this short article.

Preppers should:

  1. Have professionals inspect and clean their fireplaces and chimneys. During a blizzard and power outage is the worst time to experience a chimney fire and backup smoke.
  2. Have professionals inspect their homes for termites and other such pests. Hurricane winds are destructive enough without having house structures already seriously weakened.
  3. Check their gutters and downspouts for debris. Blocked gutters and downspouts can cause foundation and mold problems, especially during torrential rains.
  4. Inspect their attics for roof leaks. Roof leaks can cause roofs to collapse, mold to grow, electrical wiring to short out, or even family members to be electrocuted. Even small roof leaks are of concern, especially during a natural disaster.
  5. Repair holes and tears in door and window screens. During a summer power outage, there will probably be no air conditioning. If there are holes and tears in screens, doors and windows, opened for ventilation, can let in pests such as mosquitoes and flies.
  6. Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. During power outages, for example, people often light candles which, when used carelessly, can cause fires. Also, people who foolishly operate ovens or gas ranges to heat their rooms, or operate generators too close to windows or vents, are in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  7. Replace smoke detectors that are more than 10 years old, and, twice a year, replace their smoke detector and carbon-monoxide detector batteries.

John F. Kennedy once said, "The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining"

What other examples can you contribute regarding what preppers should do to keep their homes well maintained before the next disaster? Please comment below.

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