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Welfare supporters prove they don't need a sunny day to shine

Every cause has its loyal members and supporters and this past Saturday the welfare world proved, yet again, that theirs are the best.

Paws at the Beach Pet Party!
Paws at the Beach Pet Party!
Paws at the Beach Pet Party

What should have been a nice May day at the beach instead was windy and cold, but it did not keep many people from attending the first annual Paws at the Beach Pet Party, hosted by the Cold Noses Foundation. This amazing organization not only funds animal shelters and rescues, both locally and globally, but also provides education, shelter and medical attention to homeless and neglected animals...just to start!

As the wind whipped the tented booths, and many people broke down and put on jackets, the dogs did not seem to notice that it was not a perfect day. Okay, maybe a few little ones were snuggled inside those jackets as well. Bella and Tessie from Last Hope K9 Rescue made their rounds letting everyone know that they need a forever home, and Scully from Little Paws Daschund Rescue was happy being carried around to show off her good looks and let people know that she and her sister need a home as well.

Among the vendors was a new supporter of the welfare cause. May May's Furry Friends makes handmade bracelets and donates %100 of proceeds to animals in need. Nochello the Bullmastiff lounged in her chair while her mom welcomed everyone to their booth, Cape Cod Canine. Representing the work of the veterinary world and how it can help to save lives outside of the usual means was the important The Sampson Fund. The New England Society for Abandoned Animals was there to spread the word about their very crucial work. And Comfy Critters of Cape Cod displayed their wide variety of handmade mats, which more than one dog probably wanted to try out.

For extra fun a few Huskies and their mom showed the crowd how they can have fun pulling a bicycle in what they call "urban sledding." And the Barnstable police gave an impressive show on how they use their dogs in keeping our society safe.

The mission of the Cold Noses Foundation is to raise awareness about the struggle of animals all over the world, make responsible pet ownership affordable for everyone and promote programs that prevent animal neglect. With the help of their supporters, and local animal lovers, this important vision was made clear on this day.

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