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Welfare recipient ID required by more states

In an effort to stop fraud in the use of welfare benefits, more states are insisting that federal benefits, including food- stamp cards, include a photo identification.

Food stamp debit cards
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Proposals adding photos on welfare cards are being considered in a growing number of states while Maine, Georgia, Massachusetts and New York have already begun the practice

  • Massachusetts accessed 170,000 recipients that were on file with the Registry of Motor Vehicles and supplied them it with cameras to take photos of 55,000 who didn’t have them.
  • Maine began a pilot program adding photos on April 28, 2014.
  • Georgia’s governor signed a bill making it a requirement within days.
  • Iowa, Rhode Island and Washington have bills that would add photo cards now on their legislative docket.

Increased evidence that food stamp abuse was taking place at liquor stores, smoke shops and strip clubs is convincing more states to begin requiring photo ID. In addition many states are also requiring drug testing or screening for public assistance.

Those who are objecting to the photo ID requirement for food stamps and other federal benefits say that it hurts the elderly and disabled but do not offer any other solutions to the rampant welfare fraud that is happen in their states.

According to some recipients who are required to show the photo ID feel shamed by the experience even if they understand its purpose is to prevent fraud.

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