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Welfare lobster-eating food stamp recipient refuses Sean Hannity’s $80,000 help

Being a perpetual beach bum is ordinarily not something you would ordinarily aspire to unless you were a welfare earning professional in Obama’s new America. According to Fox News, this is exactly where the welfare surfing lobster-eating food stamp recipient feels quite at home, ‘thank you very much.’ In fact, it is directly because of welfare surfer Jason Greenslate Obamanized philosophy that he turned down Fox News Sean Hannity’s job help offer.

California surfing, lobster-eating food stamp recipient refuses Sean Hannity's job help
photo credit - SBY News

Living off the hardworking taxpayers is not something that Greenslate is ashamed of. He actually is quite taken to the whole lifestyle he has created for himself. So he is quite quick to point out why would a self absorbed poverty king give up a life that includes in a Cadillac Escalade, no job, lobster, and frequent trips to strip clubs?

Are you wondering just where are the official outcry from public officials like Governor “Moonbeam” Jerry Brown, who as shown less interest in holding down welfare cost than in giving special rights to boys who want to be girls and girls who want to be boys.

When questioned by Sean Hannity on his late night news show, the welfare surfer admitted that he had not held a job in a year and has no plans of pursing a job. He actually considers practicing with his band is real job, reported Fox News. That is just how he rolls and with Obama in the White House and Jerry Brown in the left coast governor’s office, there is truly no end to Greenslate’s welfare dream that he now has on cruise control.

Hannity asked the sunglass wearing blond surfer if he would end his welfare life for a job that paid $80,000 a year that the TV host could line up for him in North Dakota.

Greenslate replied with literally not a bit of hesitation. “No!”

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