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Welfare Is The New Maternity Ward

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It seems the teenagers of the United States have the idea that it is acceptable to have sex, get pregnant, and that when they have the baby they don't have to get a job. The government is not only going to pay for them to have the baby but that it is going to also raise the baby. I am a single male with no children so why do I need to pay for someone to drop out of school allowing them to simply be a subsidized mother for the rest of their life. I didn't get the satisfaction of actually enjoying the act so why should I or the rest of the country pay for the act of getting screwed. What's worse is the parents are usually happy about this event. Now don't get me wrong children are cool and its fun to play with them but why do I need to pay for the thousands of children that children are having. America has become a very big maternity ward and it needs to stop. There is not enough money for this to continue.

Sadly, when you ask the parents about aborting the child they are quick to say that it goes against their religion. However, when asked if they are going to church they say no. Does that make them a hypocrite? Maybe. What it does make them is simply a mooch. People have been raised with the attitude that this is okay and that the government should pay for a high school drop out to simply become a ward of the state. This is seriously the wrong way to bring up our children. As a teacher in the Hillsborough County Schools in Tampa, Florida I have seen many of my former students having children at an early age. When I say early age I mean average of around 15. Some have gone back to school and received their diploma which I applaud tremendously. What's worse is that in most school districts the knowledge of birth control is being taught in the classroom but they don't seem to get it.

The time has come to restrict these funds by making these young girls either finish high school in order to further get funding for their children or make these baby's fathers come forward and have them start paying for the fun they had. It should not be up to the taxpayer to come up with the diapers and formula for the results of these teen's actions. It is time for the government to finally realize that yes there should be assistance given, but parents need to be made more responsible for the actions of their children having children. This needs to happen soon. The money that the government is wasting is not going to be available to care for everyone's mistakes. You see our government is already busy throwing our hard earned money away. For instance like paying for a 300 million dollar computer system that doesn't work or a Congress that is on vacation five months out of the year. Something has to give before this nation is totally broke.