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Welcome To Tromadance Film Festival 2014!

June 13th - June14, 2014
June 13th - June14, 2014
Mark Hartman

This weekend Troma welcomes you to Tromadance Detroit Film Festival from June 13th to the 14th at Tangent Gallery and Hastings Street Ballroom! This festival is like no other, where some film festicals blend genres together and charge film makers a submission fee for film screening, Tromadance is dedicated to horror and charges no fee for film submission. Not only that, there is no admission fee or screening fee to the films or panel for attendees! Tromadance Film Festival is here for the horror film makers and believe films are meant to be seen by everyone!

The whole weekend is jam packed with film screenings and exhibits with special guest such as Ella Vulgara, Maiden Machete and Bullet Bitch on Friday and Saturday night. Toxic Avenger will be screened at 9pm on Friday will a special Q&A Mark Torgl "Melvin the Mop Boy".

At Saturday at 10pm will be the Science Team Drinking Game at the bar! There will be vendors for musical groups, film makers and illustrators. Such as Meat Puppets the movie will be available at Illustrator and Director Roger Scholz's booth. After the film festival wil be an afterparty Saturday night at 11pm.

Doors open at 5pm on Friday and 2pm on Saturday. Hope to see all Horror Film Fans there for this free event!