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'Welcome to the year of the whores': BBC subtitle blunder lights up Twitter

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"Welcome to the year of the whores," this is what a subtitle from BBC looked like while covering the Chinese New Year. Something got lost in translation because it should have read, "Welcome to the year of the horse," according to The Independent on Feb. 3.

While you have to admit, the subtitle blunder makes for a more eye catching read, but it was an embarrassment to BBC as TV viewers took to Twitter. Journalism 101 suggests that the subtitle can make or break your report and it should grab the reader or viewer's interest.

BBC certainly filled that bill and then some, but since it was a serious story on the Chinese New Year, this wasn't the kind of blunder that the network could just laugh off. As soon as the subtitle appeared, Twitter was alive with screen shots of the BBC story.

Apparently BBC has gone down this road before when they referred to the "Arch Bishop of Canterbury" as the "Arch Bitch of Canterbury." When England buried the Queen mother, BBC's coverage called for "A moment of violence."

You have to admit those subtitle blunders did the trick because decades later they are still remembered. Will the same go for "Welcome to the year of the whores?"