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Welcome To The Worlds Highest Trash Heap

Welcome To The Worlds Highest Trash Heap
Welcome To The Worlds Highest Trash Heap

That's right Mt.Everest is now being considered a garbage dump. It seems that some 4000 people who have scaled the mountain since Sir Edmund Hillary are not picking up after themselves. Nepal which is getting ready for the trekking season to open has stated that from now on each hiker will be responsible for 18 pounds of garbage to come back with them. It seems the Nepalese Government is tired of the westerners that have come to hike the mountains don't seem to know how to dispose of the garbage they bring with them.

This year the hikers base camps will have authorities to make sure that garbage is coming off the mountains rather than staying up there and accumulating. The government believes that each person carrying oxygen tanks and trash back down the mountain will help to eliminate the left over waste from each group.

Private companies have been hired to try and bring down some of the old trash but sadly most of what is left will be covered up by new snow. There is no way to say how much garbage has accumulated on the peaks but with these companies there will be less than there was before.

Nepal has decided since the idea of climbing the mountains has become such a lucrative annual business that it is in the best interest of all involved to try and clean up and protect the mountains. The Government believes that more than half of all its foreign visitors come to the mountains and keeping them pristine is a wise choice. Some feel that this should have been dealt with long before now, but better late than never.

Nepal believes that if this base camp program works they will start to use it on all its mountain routes. The Government is not asking that any new climbers be responsible for the old trash, but with climbers being responsible now for their own trash it should help in preserving the mountains for many years to come.

The Nepalese Government has also slashed the climbing fees of Everest to 11,000 dollars per person. They are saying that if you have a group of seven people that it will only cost 70,000 dollars.

So pass the word to all you hikers that Nepal is interested in keeping its Peaks clean and that it is time to be responsible for one's own trash.