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Welcome to the world of Bill O'Brien

Bill O'Brien ready for the new era of Texans football
Bill O'Brien ready for the new era of Texans football

When head coach Bill O'Brien was hired, Houston Texans owner Bob McNair realized a swift change of direction for his team and players. Texans GM Rick Smith also realized that O'Brien could be the best coaching fit, in hopes of bringing the franchise it's first Super Bowl title.

O'Brien hails from the Bill Belichick school of coaching, is extremely enthusiastic about this coming season, and most importantly OTA's.

“I want to hear the teaching. I love listening to how all the guys teach and their different styles", said O'Brien. "Once we go to group periods is spend most of my time with the offense but I’m over there with the defense a good amount of the time listening to what they are doing, trying to give little coaching tidbits here and there.”

O'Brien loves coaching and teaching the game of football, and understands that leading by example means long days, and late nights at the NRG Stadium facility.

He expects excellence out his coaching staff and players, with one goal in mind -- making this team the best competitive group in the league that wins.

Far from his college days as a coach at Penn State, he's no stranger to the NFL ways. Being one of Belichick's assistants in New England, O'Brien is a cerebral coach who is always viewing his surroundings and the next play.

Teaching is his passion, and knowing that it must be done a sharply faster pace in the NFL, he's a true orchestrator. Making sure that veterans, rookies, along with members of his coaching staff are all on the same page.

"We speed up the process with which we give them information, if that makes sense," O'Brien said.

O'Brien and coaching staff carefully watch every down of OTA's, carefully critiquing and evaluating the plays that are implemented from the playbook to the field. Everyone on this team including him, have a responsibility on this team. He has a no-nonsense yet in his own humorous way of speaking with anyone, when talking football or about his coaching style.

"They really do work well with a lot of different positions and a lot of different roles,” O'Brien said of his players.

A lot of the players have bought in to his system and philosophy of conducting themselves on and off the field.

After all of the preparation, adjustments, teaching, practices, the big test will begin on Sept 7th, and for the next 17 weeks to see if all will improve from last season.

The Texans have a brighter outlook, fans have something to be excited about, and O'Brien embraces the challenge bringing this football team to greatness.

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