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Welcome to the Utopia – Driverless vehicles on the horizon

Soon driving will be illegal
Soon driving will be illegal
Google and

The term “Liberal Left” is a misnomer in that those who practice and follow left wing politics can quickly draw the conclusion that there is little liberty that can come from leftist politics. The fact of the matter is that through political fusion the left and the right have been infiltrated by Fascists and Communist proponents of authoritarian-esque, technocracy. Much like Orwell’s 1984 or Huxley’s A Brave New World, we can see a trend in the push toward an ideological utopian state through technology. Recently motor companies have been unveiling their best efforts toward driverless cars. The idea that driverless vehicles will reduce highway fatalities and accidents by relieving the average person of the responsibility of driving is as utopian as it gets.

This is how statists present their agenda. First they present an issue that isn’t necessarily a major problem in society; they claim that they have an answer to this issue that will end it forever. They dangle the benefits of their agenda with catch lines and phrases and claim that it will lessen the burden of the average “Joe” or “Jane”. It will “Make life easier”. This solution will “Save thousands of lives”. The list of promises goes on and on. What they fail to present to the public is the cost. The example of driverless cars will cost Americans in liberty and no doubt money.

Although driverless cars present an ideal solution for fatigued drivers, driving while impaired, accidents and more; let’s not forget the logistics that are required to support autonomous vehicles. First there will have to be sensors and markers placed and installed in the already present infrastructure. This will cost money to the tax payer. Then there will be government oversight over the autonomous vehicles, which means more regulation and taxes. Ultimately one can foresee any and all human driving being outlawed especially if data can be manipulated to present that autonomous vehicles are safer, than manual driving. By the way; now a computer is driving, this means meta data and the fact that your privacy will be violated. You will be tracked and recorded anytime you travel. What is to say that your vehicle can’t or won’t be overridden by the government or private corporations.

Most definitely vehicles will cost more. In a world where the government deems that autonomous vehicles are safer, they will no doubt illegalize conventional motor vehicles and thus the “individual mandate” to purchase computer driven vehicles , with the penalty being a “tax” (Fine) and revocation of a driver’s license if one does not comply. Too much you say? Just look at Obamacare. The Affordable Healthcare Act is the perfect example of how statists will handle such issues. With every major corporation driving forward, racing to be the first, Google seems to be in the lead. Remember Google is on the take from the NSA folks. Even though companies such as Mercedes and GM are pushing toward the Brave New World by 2023, this writer says “No Thanks”.