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Welcome to the Micheal Sam circus show

Gay Pride Parade accessories
Gay Pride Parade accessories
Photo by Eric Thayer/Getty Images

I believe I'm missing something in our culture. Am I supposed to hope that Micheal Sam (the first gay football player in the history of, like, forever) make it on the spot of an NFL team? The media is following the Micheal Sam saga and giving us the latest developments and any team that makes a decision on him must offer the proviso that releasing him, as in the case of the Dallas Cowboys who are the latest to reject him, is a"football" decision lest anyone think that they don't like gay people.

He plays football and he's gay. Why is that such news? 'Because it smashes stereotypes'. Stereotype held by whom? 'People who are homophobic'. I see, those who are afraid (okay, I know, hate) gay people think they're a bunch of sissy weaklings who rather go shopping for scarfs and watch Dancing With The Stars. Is that what this is all about, setting people with a shortsighted mindset straight?

Please please please universe, let the Washington REDSKINS (because all Indians have red skin, get it? hate 'em) pick up Michael Sam.

Okay let's do a thought experiment. Suppose I entered into a ping pong tournament (which I would win) and announced that I like cheese cake? I would be the first openly I-like-cheese-cake ping pong tournament player ever. I know, it's silly. What does a fondness for cheese cake have anything to do with playing ping pong? But it IS silly and it's the reason that there is a sentiment that says "oh who cares if he's gay, move on already".

Since playing football has nothing to do with being gay, wouldn't it be the ultra tolerant thing to do and ignore that fact, you know like treating gay people like (get ready for this)......everyone else?

The difference between eating cheese cake and being gay is that in the latter there are some who don't like gay people. If that weren't the case there would be as much reason to publicize Michael Sam's orientation as it would be for any other personal life choice he makes or my choice for cheese cake. So to sum it all up, Micheal Sam has everything to do with hating gay people, for it if were not, what would be the point?

So let's get in on it and not so much celebrate Micheal Sam but be ever be so proud of ourselves for not being like the haters whomever they are. Now I get it. I so love myself now.

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