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Welcome to the Darksiders

Gameplay footage
Gameplay footage

Developer Vigil Studios' new game, Darksiders is a welcome relief in the action/adventure genre. With controls and gameplay that take you back to some of your previous favorites, such as God of War or the old school Sega Genesis games, Darksiders is one of my new favorites.  

After the main character, War, has unknowingly unleashed the apocalypse, he must go and take the power back from "The Destroyer."  As war continues between heaven and hell, War takes neither side. He is simply trying to restore the previous balance. The story is new enough to feel fresh, but old enough to make players feel comfortable in what they are doing.

With platforming, action, and swordplay, Darksiders has it all. You start off with limited powers, but slowly progress to more efficient and stronger weapons. It may not be very complex, but some of the levels can make you take an extra minute or two to think about where you need to go. This alone makes this a must buy, or at the least, a must must must rent, game.

Online play, or simply multiplayer, would have been a nice addition, but it doesn't affect my rating at all. Publisher THQ's new game, Darksiders, gets a 8.6/10.


  • Candi 5 years ago

    This review was very helpful. Thanks!

  • Nathan R. 5 years ago

    I feel teh same way. This game is Awesome!!!

  • Nick D. 5 years ago

    Totally agree. I rented it, then bought it the day later. Great ending too. Great review. 5/5

  • Dan 5 years ago

    Nice review man. Keep it up. I like your style brah.

  • adrian b 5 years ago

    just because of this review im buying it as i speak!!

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