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Welcome to the Brazilian Switzerland

Night Life
Night Life

European climate, natural attractions and excitement of Campos do Jordao are the main winter destination of the country.

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At the top of Serra da Mantiqueira, 5.341 ft above sea level, Campos do Jordao is accurate destination for those who like to enjoy the winter. Cozy inns and hotels, bars and fine restaurants and a lively cultural program make the city of São Paulo State on one of the most sought after tourist resorts when temperatures drop and cold appears.

Between June and July, about a million tourists pass through there. The building in alpine style, natural beauty and purity of the mountain weather only complete the list of reasons why the city is as serrano played in the coldest months of the year.

It was founded on June 16, 1934, when he resigned from the nearby St. Benedict's Sapucaí, but began to take shape as a city with the arrival of Portuguese Matheus Costa Pinto, a resident of Pindamonhangaba. On April 29, 1874 he climbed the mountain and bought land along the river Imbiri where he established a small store, set up a board, raised a chapel in honor of St. Matthew and built a school.

Filled with pines and aracauria, the city is nestled in a valley and has about 85% of its territory consists of undulating regions. This makes the sun illuminate the city during much of the year, reaching the maximum degree of light in winter, when temperatures can reach an average of 23 ºF.

Between the states of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais, Campos do Jordao has three main access roads, two roads and a railway.

Tourists looking for more affordable accommodation or have interest in making a quick getaway from the hustle in the field can take advantage to visit the neighboring cities such as Santo Antônio do Pinhal, São Bento do Sapucaí.

Known as the "Brazilian Switzerland", Campos do Jordao has among its celebrity guests and personalities. Among its villages, the hottest is Capivari. Surrounded by a strong European climate and the owner of a gastronomic variety, the village is the point of choice for tourists in high season.

For there are still a number of specialty stores focused on knitwear and chocolates, the disputed brewer Baden Baden and the Elephant Hill cable car stop for those who go to the municipality.

9.186 ft from the top of the hill, tourists have a panoramic view of fields and privileged.

The city also has a renowned annual event, which is the International Winter Festival of Campos do Jordao. The event dedicated to classical music to the city takes a mix of cultural attractions and promotes presentations at several points. The national and international artists take turns on stage as the central square, where free performances often take place, and the Claudio Santoro Auditorium, where you have to pay to see the shows.

Who is linked in nature, Campos do Jordao offers many ecological attractions. The visitor can choose from hiking, fishing, canopy tours and horseback riding, among other modalities. There are landscapes, such as the Complexo da Pedra do Bau and Peak Itapeva, which are already part of traditional circuit ecotourism in the region, but there are also novelties like Amantikir Park, which features themed gardens inspired by countries like Japan, Canada and England.

One of the most charming and traditional tourist attractions of Campos do Jordao is the train ride. The railroad was to the 70's one of the easiest ways to access the city and now has four different tours: the Famous (4.97 stretch), Maria Smoke (2.48 miles), Santo Antônio do Pinhal (11.80 miles) and Pindamonhangaba (this, tougher, runs 29.20 miles).

Despite making more success during the winter, Campos do Jordao can be visited throughout the year. The city has an excellent infrastructure, with about 8,000 beds in hotels and inns, vacation rentals, dining options and countless attractions. Not to mention that, outside the high season, the quiet reigns, contributing to a longer stay quiet and cheap, without the noise and traffic of the colder months.

Mineral Water Sources in Campos do Jordao.

Campos do Jordao is recognized worldwide for hydromineral spa. Its water is the first contact with the tourist who arrives in Campos do Jordao. The most known in Campos do Jordao is the source of Holy Water, which has its water exported around Brazil through Minalba bottler.

Some tourist attractions:

The city has excellent infrastructure to satisfy the most demanding visitors.
There are countless options for lodging, entertainment, shopping, dining, entertainment, cultural events and entertainment, coupled with the tranquility and security, contribute decisively to a perfect stay.

Throughout the city we can find restaurants, bars, clubs of various styles. From formal dining to a cozy coffee shop. If you enjoy a refined and delicious menu, you will be in place, with traditional Brazilian and European cuisine in a mixer flavors and delicious aromas.

Shopping in town is a delight. Thousands of options.

Clothing & Accessories, Jewelry and semi jewelry.

You can find beautiful items of decoration for any occasion.

Shoes and bags with the famous Brazilian design and amazing quality.

Surely you need to buy another bag, because it really is so irresistible options.

For those who like outdoor activities, Campos do Jordão is full of super interesting activities.

Some of them:

Monastery of the Benedictine Nuns

Chinese Pavilion (Belvedere)

Butterfly Flowers That Fly

Enchanted Forest Park

Lenz Gourmet Farm

Peak Imbiri

Adventure Ranch

Fishing in Mountain Ecoparque

Park Lakes

State Park Horto Florestal

Complex Stone Chest

Leisure Centre Tarundú

Amantikir - speaking Gardens

Off Road


I just show you one example, the Itapeva Peak, a wonderful landscape where visitors can see various cities of the Paraíba Valley, in the days of clear skies.

One of the most privileged views of the Mantiqueira Mountains can be enjoyed Peak Itapeva.

Its height of 6,660 feet above sea level, one can see 15 cities of the Paraíba Valley.

Peak Itapeva, which in Indian means "Flat Rock", is also an opportunity to buy candy, handicrafts and garments in wool. Items such as vests, gloves and scarves are sold by small manufacturers at affordable prices.

Just 14 km from the town Capivari, Pico is all cut by trails, where the more adventurous will find plenty of adrenaline on horseback, motorcycle, bicycle or even a healthy walk.

Lake Peak Itapeva in a beautiful and quiet lake welcomes visitors arriving, riding a beautiful landscape with trees around the edge. There a team offers some sports such as canoeing and even a challenging zip lines, crossing the lake from one end to another.

The landscape of the High Peak Itapeva is really amazing. Vale do Paraiba bends the foot of Pico, allowing a panoramic image indescribable.

Huge rock formations are observed in the soil of the Peak and other mountains around, creating a lush natural environment.

When touring the region be sure to take the camera, because on all sides that there is a postcard looks ready to be recorded.

Free admission.

Campos do Jordao is to be visited all year round. According to the station, the city offers a simple horse-riding, in which contact with nature is inevitable, the most sophisticated tourist schedules. For this diversity of attractions with its own characteristics, over the years the city gained "certificates" and "slogans" and "Brazilian Switzerland", "City of Festivals," "The Best Climate in the World", "Campos do Jordao, station where it's always great."

Autumn Leaves in town, Pine fields, waterfalls, flowers and, above all, peace silence, broken only by birdsong is an invitation to meditation. Enjoy relaxing moments, forget the stress and let your imagination fly ... It is the nature and atmosphere of Campos do Jordao give you. A climate conducive to breathe emotions as the work "The Four Seasons" by Vivaldi.

In the warm summer feel the warmth of the sun with its rays filtered by branches of plantains, heating and lighting the ground covered with small branches with yellowing leaves.

Temperatures during the day do not exceed 30 degrees, with the right gentle, cooling breeze.

The fall brings new forms of these trees also show redder colors on their leaves begin to fall, announcing the proximity of the larger station.

Morning Frost on the Fields Jordao. The winter arrives and temperatures below freezing predominate in the early morning, clearing the way for morning white frost. Sunrise cutting the ice and sloth, inviting us to the numerous rides and attractions the city offers.

Spring is announced with the blooming daisies, colorful flowers, the beauty of breathtaking.

That come with the first rains, giving a new color to the new season. Soon the trees, before dry, inaugurate new leaf and transform the look of the city.

You should visit Campos de Jordao, it is a place blessed by the wonders of nature. You will be welcomed by the famous Brazilian hospitality, delighting in a cozy place, great food and many activities for your pleasure.