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Welcome to the audio world of Kidnap Kid

Exclusive Interview
Exclusive Interview
Kidnap Kid, Chris

It's hard to say exactly when I discovered the vivid sounds of Kidnap Kid, but I can tell you that his music is one of the most greatest gifts I have received in my life. I have not stopped listening to Kidnap Kid songs EPs BBC mixes, basically everything he puts out. Not to mention his most recent 2 song EP release Stronger. You might not have heard of the infamous Kidnap Kid because he is so major around the world and is now making his way to the good ol' states. If your going to Coachella Music Festival this year, be sure to catch his epic and highly anticipated sets courtesy The Do Lab. This is the one time I expect your mind body and soul to be kidnapped by the Kid. Read my exclusive interview, as I welcome you to the audio world of Kidnap Kid.

How did you become Kidnap Kid?

The name came about after getting taken to court for faking a Kidnapping when I was 17.

Kidnap Kid as project, however, is the product of a teenage obsession with dance music. I fell in love and decided that writing music is all I wanted to do.

Inspiration is in the eye of the beholder. So what inspires you?

I'm more inspired by people's energy than any artistic output. Seeing people who have unrelenting drive and ambition makes me feel the same way.

In 2012 you were awarded the US iTunes ‘Best Electronic Song of 2012’ for VEHL. Did you ever imagine that song would become such an infectious tune? (Explain what it was like creating it in studio)

I wrote it in my bedroom during my third year of university and for the first few months no one really took any notice. I was really excited by it and thought that it could do well, I never thought it'd go on to achieve what it did though. It was very gratifying and provided a lot self assurance receiving that award. It taught me to push the music I believe even if no one pays any attention at first.

A college graduate you are. What motivated you to complete a degree in Politics and Crime at University of Leeds?

I went to Leeds purely because of the music scene there. There was loads going on and it was an exciting place. I've always had an active interest in politics, so it was fairly easy choice for me.

It was a good one too, I really enjoyed the course. Not enough to stop me from writing though.

Were you producing music at the time?

Yes, I've been playing around with producing since I was fourteen. The sound that became Kidnap Kid started at the beginning of my third year though.

What music did you listen to while studying for finals during school?

None! I need absolute silence to concentrate.

Finish the sentence: The top 5 albums I am playing right now are…

Siriusmo - Mosaik

Stimming - Stimming

Lianne La Havas - Is Your Love Big Enough

Chilly Gonzales - Solo Piano II

Erased Tapes Collection V

You have created some amazing remixes recently. What are you excited to remix next?

Thank you. I've got a few ideas, but nothing concrete yet. I'm planning on heading for some underground labels that I love rather than the commercial acts I have remixed previously.

On March 3rd you are releasing a 2-track MP3 Release called Stronger. Why tease fans and only release these 2 amazingly produced and programmed songs?

If they're done correctly I think two is enough, for now at least. I'm working towards a bigger project but will be released further down the line.

I wanted to start the year of with two tracks that I thought were strong and pointed firmly in the direction I plan on taking this year and afterwards.

Will there be a full project follow up from Kidnap Kid?


You're touring different countries collecting new Kidnap Kid “Stan’s” along the way. Do you plan on coming to the US for a North American Tour?

Yes, I have currently have two small tours planned. One at the end of March focused around the east coast, and one at the end of April focused around the west coast.

Staying original is most important when creating art. How do you continue to progress as an innovator?

I've always written to keep myself entertained first and foremost, so I know that if I personally find an idea boring or unoriginal, then everyone else will.

I'm easily underwhelmed, so as long as I satisfy my own creative ambition then I know I've moved in the right direction.

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