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Welcome to Tates

This film takes a whole new look at the bad guys. Nothing makes a great comic like a kick-ass villain. Ambitions of grandeur and conquering the universe are hard to quit cold turkey no matter what universe you relocate to.

Here is their inspiration: I have always loved comics and big story arcs with multiple universes. Hypothetically if they could travel to different parallel universes, then they can travel to our universe. It's like we're a lame parallel universe where no one has powers. Earth-616 must be just a couple blocks away from our earth right? This web series is going to explore the what if comics weren't fictional but they were written based on intuition.

Each episode will be 6 - 10 minutes on youtube. The plan is to release a weekly episode starting on the first of November. The cost per episode is a little over a thousand including equipment, lights, props and food.

Perks include DVD's, Posters, Commissioned Art by Laura Blue andCommissioned Art by Aaron Nathan.

They've also got my favorite film perks! A walk on role, tickets to the screening and gauntlets of your own for both left and right handed folks! And producer's credits!

Get the details and grab your perk here.

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