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‘Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s’ recap: ‘Shifting Priorities’ a change is gonna come

Sweetie Pies 1.2
Sweetie Pies 1.2

Air date March 22

Next up on ‘Sweetie Pie’s’…Tim delivers some disappointing news to Charles, the Sweetie Pie's delivery manager. Said delivery service will be no more. It makes sense. A constantly broke down hoopty cannot be relied upon for delivery services. Folks will just have to make their way to the packed place and pick up their own vittles.

So Jenae and Monique encourage Charles to focus back on his dream of acting. This does not call for much nudging and convincing even though Charles also relishes the idea of managing a new Sweetie Pie’s in Houston. Charles eagerly prepares for a photo shoot only to be upstaged by Tim and Jenae’s two-year old son, TJ who is not as excited as Charles.

Meanwhile, Miss Robbie and her sisters are concerned about their baby brother George who is getting ready to have open-heart surgery. As they rally around George at the hospital, Tim wrestles with the bickering employees at the Upper Crust. But first, he has to tackle his way through the maze called Miss Robbie’s office and retrain cooks on using certain ingredients again.

Thankfully, George pulls through his surgery and will go through the process of recovery with the help of his caring sisters. Miss Robbie calls Tim to share the good news and it’s all XOXO as she thanks him for being a good son.

You knew that wasn’t going to last, right? Welcome to Sweetie Pie's where delicious soul food is served and tongue lashings are released on the regular. And when Miss Robbie returns, she returns with a good dose of spit and vinegar for Tim.

Tim wants to fire some of the rowdy workers at the Upper Crust and despite Miss Robbie knowing she has “personnel” issues she is totally against the idea. She needs them. But before she leaves to go check on George and after she has made herself clear, it’s back to XOXO. Ah, family.

Later, it is Tim and Miss Robbie on the receiving end of not-so-good news. They learn the West Florissant restaurant codes are not up to par, meaning opening date will be delayed even further.
Fortunately for the landlord, who told Miss Robbie things had been taken care, the well-being of her brother comes first. The landlord may be second. Do you think we will see him in another episode where he gets a heaping helping of Miss Robbie’s “just desserts?”

‘Sweetie Pie’s’ airs on Saturdays at 9:00 PM on OWN channel.

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