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Welcome to Ralph Sarchie's world: Deliver Us From Evil

When Ralph Sarchie has something to say it’s often not pretty, especially when concerning the darker side of the paranormal. It all has to do with the devil.

Actor Eric Bana & Ralph Sarchie.
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images
Ralph Sarchie
Photo by Stephen Lovekin

“I’m a messenger, that’s it. I’m not an angel. I’m a human person and I just have this message and you can believe it if you want. You don’t have to. I don’t really care.”

Sarchie, now a retired New York Police Department sergeant, was an 18 year (the years depending upon which news account you read) veteran cop with over 300 arrests and 7 service awards. His tenure included a long stint in the notorious “Alamo,” the 46th Precinct of the South Bronx.

Police work became his passion throughout the daylight hours, yet at night what he terms “the work” branched out into a totally different arena. But…was it all that different? Evil is evil, no matter how you slice it. You only have to remove the human element.

Sarchie had an interest in the paranormal since childhood. It would lead him to eventually expand upon it and broaden his horizons. He ended up training with demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren and Bishop Robert McKenna in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He steadily built a foundation that was a reflection of his own strong Roman Catholic beliefs. And Sarchie came into his own—presently having assisted in over 25 exorcisms and tallying up some hundreds of home exorcisms.

As Sarchie discovered, evil does not just reside in the intentions of the criminal element, but is also cloaked in the darkness that people don’t easily accept. But it is there, none the less.

Ralph Sarchie co-authored a book with Lisa Collier Cool in 2001 titled Beware the Night, documenting some of his experiences in dealing with demonic entities. A Hollywood director took notice….

As of late there’s been quite the thread of films exploring demonic possibilities. And a good scare to boot! Much like the uninterrupted parade of paranormal television with no end in sight, films depicting the same subject matter are popular—and profitable at the box office! Writer/director Scott Derrickson (Sinister and 2005’s The Exorcism of Emily Rose) took Sarchie’s 2001 book and developed it into the foundation for his new film Deliver Us from Evil, opening Wednesday, July 2, 2014. The film was largely shot on location in the Bronx—the region of Sarchie’s endeavors while doing “the work.” He was a consultant on the film as to be expected.

“Scott took a lot of elements of my cases and put them in a different context,” Sarchie stated. He is not, however, upset over the juggling of his personal experiences. He is only happy that it may open some minds and stimulate thought upon a hidden reality. He wants the message to get out.

Australian actor Eric Bana portrays Sarchie in Deliver Us from Evil and is reported to have been greatly affected by viewing genuine exorcism film footage involving Sarchie, prior to the start of filming.

Ralph Sarchie insists he is not in this position to entertain. Following a policeman’s line of thought and motivation there is one, and only one purpose—to help! No glory…no fame…only work to be done. And Sarchie is doing it.

Exorcisms are a tricky venture, and first rounds often transition into a second. Sarchie makes no bones:

“This demon will come back with seven more powerful to find the house all tidied up, swept and tidy. That’s what exorcism does. It sweeps everything up; it gets all the uncleanliness out. You’re now supposed to fill it with the holy and the light. If you don’t do that, something more powerful is gonna come back, it’s gonna fill that void.”

A police officer’s perspective in the world of the paranormal is not new—at least on the entertainment front. An officer is trained in observation, a student of human character, organization, and an investigative process aimed towards getting results. During my brief stint as a Marion County Sheriffs Deputy recruit I became a member of the ‘club’ and still retain that line of thought and method in not only my day-job life, but also when conducting paranormal investigations.

Back in the day when I enjoyed paranormal television there was a show that premiered on the A&E Network in January of 2010 called Paranormal Cops. Co-founders Thomas Froelich and cigar-chomping Ron Fabiani headlined a team of Chicago police officers who would gather together in the evening following their day shift and sort through the paranormal oddities in the Windy City. What struck a nerve was it was different from the other fare being offered at the time. Here were trained public servants using their investigative know-how to treat the paranormal as basically a crime scene. It was an innovative premise. There were short comings as could be expected. I discounted the psychic-medium because they always get my radar up. There’s something about their personal observations that could be either a product of their own imagination or purposeful invention. How is a poor viewer to know? But the boys…those officers gained my respect for their approach to the paranormal.

The show lasted for one six episode season and was cancelled!

I like Ralph Sarchie. I like his no nonsense attitude. He doesn’t really care if you believe him or not. His mission and journey will not be deterred by your opinion. You weren’t there. Consequently, you have no idea of what you speak….

He’s not a ghost hunter. He’s not a paranormal investigator. He doesn’t carry an array of gadgets with blinking lights and audible alert tones He’s dealing on a completely different level and one that is ancient in origin. His tools of the trade are a cross, holy water, and a keen realization of what he is dealing with. That’s enough for him.

“It does not matter if you believe or not. You don’t have to believe in God. You don’t have to believe in the devil. It doesn’t withdraw you from this battle. You’re involved in it. You were born into this world. No, you probably didn’t ask to be born, but you’re here. You need to make a choice. You need to pick a side.”

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