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Welcome to paradise: Wear tropical prints

It's no secret that I am not at Coachella, as I surely would not be writing this article if I was. I wish I was there though. Rather than sitting around and envying the lucky attendees' Twitter posts and Instagram pictures, however, I have a better idea.

Tropical Breeze Tank, $14.90,
Forever 21
Tropical Fever
Altuzarra Spring 2012

Channel your best Coachella outfits with some abstract prints. You can dress like you're on vacation without even having to leave your house.

Whether you opt for a palm tree printed pair of hotpants or a hawaiian bandeau, you'll definitely look the part of tropical paradise without having to shell out the dough to be on one.

Take these prints from day to night with some hip jewelry and hair accessories. Dress like the best day tripper by mixing prints and layering. Do not be afraid to throw a bunch of random prints together to make a crazy outfit... the crazier the better!

Now, I know it won't exactly make up for seeing the Black Keys live or showing off your collection of wristbands, but at least you'll be effortlessly fashionable. So check out my slideshow to the left for some fabulous Hawaiian-esque prints.

Now put your turband on your head and let's get this show on the road! You'll be the it girl of the festival in no time.

And, remember, there's always next year.


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