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'Welcome to Los Vargas' the must-see reality show on mun2: Fernando Vargas inter

Fernando and Martha Vargas share their lives with fans on mun2
Fernando and Martha Vargas share their lives with fans on mun2

This Sunday, Jan 26, mun2 will premiere their new reality show "Welcome to Los Vargas."

Featuring world champion boxer Fernando Vargas and his family: Fernando Jr., Amado, Emiliano, and Mibella known as China. Also featured is his wife of 20 years Martha.

"Welcome to Los Vargas" is set in Las Vegas where Fernando lives with his charming family. His four kids, his wife and her father, Alfredo, show what life is about on the first episode. Taking care of the kids, enjoying Fernando's gym and trying to have date night while Grandpa Alfredo 'watches' the kids.

Gather the family and watch "Welcome to Los Vargas." Below is an interview I did with Fernando.

Terra-Your family is so charming. It does look like your home is barely contained chaos, is it the same chaos when there are no cameras? Is it worse, better?

Fernando-It’s the same, we are able to capture it on TV, and you guys are going to laugh so hard at the antics my children do on a daily basis. Our family loves to laugh, it is one of the key components in our family.

Terra-On the show a few of your boys look like they are interested in boxing. Would you encourage this, or would you try to turn them to another field of work?

Fernando-If they want to box, I will support them 110%, but they have to want it. I have lived my dream, I want them to live the dream that they want to live.

Terra-You have one daughter, China, who is beautiful. I'm thinking that she will grow up to be a tough cookie. All those boys, and a very strong, well known boxing champ as a dad ... what does she want to be. I realize she is little, but what are her talents.

Fernando-She is just beautiful; she is so strong (did I say she is beautiful? Because she is beautiful! Ha), she is very athletic, she is going to start gymnastics this year, and she’s great at soccer.

Terra-Your wife, Martha, holds the house together very well. One the first show she actually got a night out with you to see Frankie Jay perform downtown. Does Martha have any kind of job or business? I understand that she has two full time jobs at home, (at least).

Fernando-She is the CEO of my life! She takes care of me and our family, and now she is taking on the administration of our gym. We are a double team, she is my rock and the smartest woman I know.

Terra-Your father-in-law is adorable. Does he live there full-time?

Fernando-Yes he does, but we are thinking about setting up a business for him as “Rent – A-Grandpa” haha! (Terra-lol)

Terra-What do you want people to take away from watching your show. Family values comes to my mind, what are your thoughts?

Fernando-Family values, faith, and perseverance. My wife and I have been together for a long time, I love her and my children with all of my heart. When you make mistakes, apologize and move forward. Have faith in God, and prioritize family always.

Terra-Well said Fernando!

I would like to thank Champion Boxer/Father/Gym owner and all around nice guy Fernando Vargas for sharing his family with the world on his new show "Welcome to Los Vargas" premiering this Sunday, Jan 26 on mun2.

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