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Welcome to Lenox Massachusetts

 Kicking off 2010 of the Berkshire Travel section of The Examiner; the first city along our tour will be the town of Lenox, Massachusetts. 

This town was unsettled throughout much of the French and Indian wars; it wasn't until 1750 when a husband and wife from Hartford, Connecticut known as Jonathan and Sarah Hindsale opened the first small inn along with a general store.

To experience a vast amount of history not only on the shelves but the building itself known today as the Lenox Library was originally the Berkshire County Courthouse built in 1816. 

The natural beauty of the Berkshire Mountains bordering to the west and the Housatonic River winding along creating the eastern border to this town attracted individual from artists, writers, industrialists, fashion designers, musicians and some of the most famous families in New England called Lenox their home.

And who are these people? What other sites are there in Lenox? 

See Tuesday's Edition January 5, 2010!


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