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Welcome to Fascism with a smile

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Oprah Winfrey plans on scheduling a series of interviews with National Football League draftee Michael Sam, celebrating his 'historical' achievement as the first openly gay professional football player. Meanwhile, Miami Dolphins veteran player Don Jones is suspended, fined, and scheduled for 're-educational training,' for his tweet expressing his discomfort with Michael Sam's celebratory open mouth, cake tinged, kiss, on the NFL Network. The 'powers that be' have decided that acceptance of Michael Sam, and the associated gay agenda, is necessary for participation in the new American society. Obviously, 're-educational' training is in store for anyone else who tries to exercise their 1st Amendment right while disagreeing with this powerful, and manipulative, movement.

Welcome to Fascism with a smile.

Recent history has proven that to have a Catholic moral conviction against abortion, contraception, and the use of abortifacients, is an invitation to governmental mandates that oppress ones freedom of religion. Yet, to watch the main stream media's portrayal of the situation, one would think, through the pleasantries of the (?) journalist, that the government is doing people a favor by protecting 'women's reproductive rights' against the tyranny of patriarchal, organized religion. As Barack Obama smiles in his friendly endorsements of Planned Parenthood, over a million American babies have been sacrificed this past year to the secularist-socialist god of comfort and convenience. As Kathleen Sebelius (former head of HHS) cheerfully defends her legacy mandate, religious freedom slowly dies in America.

Welcome to Fascism with a smile.

Sitting in ones living room, flipping the TV channels, surveying the movie selections, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find entertainment without an overtly promiscuous, pro-homosexual, anti-Traditional family, anti-Christian, anti-Catholic, relativistic, radical feminist, anti-conservative message. All the major morning talk shows beam smiles of openness and warmth, only to parrot the current themes of popular society and the current political regime. Catholic, and Christian, television is a needle in the haystack. Objective journalism is the 'pearl of great price,' buried under tons of mudslinging rhetoric. But, rest assured, all of your hedonism, socialism, materialism, and atheism will be delivered to your electronic device of choice with the warmest of Political Correctness.

Welcome to Fascism with a smile.

The IRS targets Tea Party groups and Pro-Life organizations. The BLM arms themselves against American citizens while ICE agents are forced to look the other way as drug cartels run amok in Southwestern American states. NSA snoops, DHS buys millions of ammunition rounds away from American citizens--while ATF arms 'Fast and Furious' drug cartels against American citizens. The Obama HHS sledgehammer nails Christianity to the proverbial tree, while the VA covers up its insidious mistreatment of our veterans of foreign war. I could go on and on. But if I were to interview the majority of men and women in the street, many of them proud members of the most uninformed generation in American history, they would smile and respond with cluelessness.

Welcome to Fascism with a smile.

The new Rome burns. Morality decays like a rotten apple. Our military strength is sapped by a President hell bent on American weakness. Babies die while Nancy Pelosi pronounces Planned Parenthood 'sacred ground.' African-Americans wallow in high unemployment, and startling black on black crime, while progressives, supposed friends, addict them to their own peril through entitlements and abortions. The Constitution is being torn page from page, replaced with national socialism (sound eerily familiar?).

Yet, tragically, all too many Americans are comfortable with the status quo.

Welcome to Fascism with a smile.




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