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Welcome to Denver. A mature audience graphic novel

The graphic novel Denver is PaperFilms 6th Kickstarter project, it is a 72 page Mature Audiences graphic novel, written by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti, and featuring the amazing art of Pier Brito, with lettering and design by Bill Tortolini. PaperFilms is the team that has previously delivered Queen Crab, Forager, Weapon of God, Retrovirus, and Sex and Violence. The story is set in the not too distant future and about one man going up against all odds to get back the woman he loves. One of the very cool things about this new Kickstarter is that it comes with a really cool feature, a soundtrack!

A new Graphic Novel From Jimmy Palmiotti
A new Graphic Novel From Jimmy Palmiotti
Jimmy Palmiotti
A Mature Reader Graphic Novel
Jimmy Palmiotti

The book’s premise is that after a rogue meteor impacts the Moon and forces it off its orbit, the planet’s oceans rise dramatically; consuming most of the plant’s surface, resulting in the U.S. now being almost entirely under water, with the sole exception of its last major metropolis, Denver, Colorado. Needless to say, this is so not the horrible post apocalypse world we are used to seeing in these types of stories. This is a showcase of mankind’s greatest achievements and its ability to survive, but as always, there needs to be control and regulation in a city that can only house and feed a specific number of citizens and there are those outside this great city that would do just about anything to get in to live there. That is where our main character, Max Flynn comes into the story.

Max is one of many armed Coast Border Guards [CBG] that protects and processes everything coming into and leaving Denver. He lives with his new wife, Betty and his teenage daughter from a previous marriage, Trinity. On the Job, Max has command of his two partners Jimmy DePaul and Jane Nelson. Their job is to route everything and everyone that enters the city from the waterways, including new citizens seeking refuge in Denver. In this futuristic world, masses of people are wandering Earths’ waterways in hopes of gaining admission to some of the few cities left in the world and Denver is no different. The city keeps a constant population count by monitoring every time a citizen of Denver dies; thus opening a space that is available for either a birth or allowing an outsider to be granted admission and citizenship into Denver. This new (outside) person would have to be sponsored by an active resident of Denver as part of the process.

Unfortunately there are those individuals who would attempt to do just about anything to gain entry into Denver. The task and burden of stopping them falls upon Max and the CBG. This story is about one such a group that goes to extremes to gain entry, forcing Max to go against everything he has ever learned and been trained for to stop them. Denver is a story about extortion, betrayal, and the lengths a person will go to protect the ones they love. Palmiotti tells us that Denver was born out of a love for adult sci-fi stories, drawing its inspiration from films like Blade Runner, Soylent Green, and Road Warrior with just the right mix of a lifetime of reading Heavy Metal Magazine as well as being brought up to having hope in mankind.

Then there is the soundtrack. Yes, these guys have added an actual soundtrack to complete the experience of the graphic novel, with music written and composed by Hans Karl, and performed by Carrie Johnson — a sample of which runs with the video on the Kickstarter page — and this soundtrack was written based on the Denver graphic novel.

The Kickstarter for Denver exists not only to raise funds to put together the book and album, but to create an exclusive Kickstarter project that is unique in several ways. PaperFilms will be using Print-On-Demand structure to create an exclusive limited and signed editions of the book based solely on the amount of orders they receive, which will be printed in the U.S.A. This process uses the best quality paper and cover stock we can get. It will be the same as their past graphic novels, but with more pages. This Kickstarter project will be the only place to get the package rewards offered. Eventually they plan to publish the book elsewhere for retailers with a different cover, but until that time in the future, it will only be available here for their Kickstarter supporters!

This project will only be funded if at least $31,000 is pledged by Wed, March 12, 2014.


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