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Welcome to Chipotle Grill, may I take your ammo?

Welcome to Chipotle Grill, may I take your hand gun?
Welcome to Chipotle Grill, may I take your hand gun?
google images/Buzz Fleischman mash-up

Chipotle asked people to stop carrying loaded weapons into their restaurants and that the 2 for 1 ‘Howitzer special’ will be taken off the menu until further notice.

In a statement Monday, the company said that "the display of firearms in our restaurants has now created an environment that could be construed as harmful to our wait staff if they bring the wrong order and someone has a bad day.”

‘Howitzer Nights®’ which enabled any yahoo to tote their largest weapon to Chipotle Grill to show it off and get an extra entrée free is cancelled.

“We were drawing the wrong type of clientele” said spokesperson William Bennister, “It’s a small place and the guns were just taking up too much room.

Knives and/ or hand thrown explosives are still welcomed here. Also any gang members who are ‘wearing the colors’ are invited to ‘Rumble Night’ every Thursday.

Gangs see it as a way to bring out their wives, baby mommas and any ho’s they may have. It’s always a fun scene when the wives and baby mommas get to bitchin and slinging the crap, you know what I mean. We had to take all the salt and pepper shakers off the tables for that one.”

The popular ‘buy one shoot one’ nights appealed to those who like to hunt for their food but don’t like to get up early and wade into a swamp or set up a duck blind. They would simply aim at any dinner item on the large menu posted on the wall, shoot, and hope they like what they hit, and yes, we do supply our unarmed customers with a complimentary bullet proof vest on request.

Our menu now includes Mac 10 and cheese for those with a taste for the obvious.

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