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Welcome to Baltimore Woody

Harrelson that is. Allen- stay in NYC. Not taking a side in all your troubles but you are not Charm City material.

Woody Harrelson
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The very talented actor (Harrelson) is now part owner of a boutique hotel in Fells Point. The family who has a great restaurant opened the inn but ultimately lost that business to the bank. Harrelson plans to have the clan continue to run the operations.

Harrelson spent some time here and at that very hotel when he was filming Game Change. He played a seasoned Republican consultant who had never seen the likes of Sarah Palin. And if you catch the real Steve Schmidt on television, he appears to still have PTSD from the experience.
But we digress.

This column loves, LOVES, Harrelson.

He is a vegan and committed weed smoker. As Colorado and Oregon demonstrate, soon Maryland together with other states, there is nothing wrong with a little marijuana. Or in Woody’s case, a lot.

His father was a hit man. Harrelson senior killed people for money. And was caught, tried and sent to jail. The son somehow survived his parentage and leads a vibrant life.

Whether or not Woody’s days are pain free is moot. He has methods to cope. (See above.)


Harrelson’s big break was joining a popular sitcom after the actor playing a beloved role died. That is a tough assignment but soon viewers were rooting for the dim bartender who fictionally hailed from Indiana.

His career had been long, varied and impressive. His talent is vast.

One quick personal comment. True Detective was awful. Really. Yes Virginia, you need a real plot. Folks were saying the mystery and the murderer didn’t matter. But it does.

Still, Harrelson together with his co-star, all right all right all right, turned this television program into a thing of beauty.

If fans of the show think the writing was powerful, imagine Charlie Sheen playing the part that Harrelson brought to life. What is your review now?

Back to topic and our new, albeit part-time addition.

Welcome to Baltimore Woody. Come often and perhaps you can open a vegan restaurant!

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