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Welcome to a New Year!

I pray that all of my readers had a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year! Fashionwise, 2014 will have alot to look forward to. From What I have seen on the runways, it looking like the maxi dress trend will be with us this year. The high/low trend for dresses will be seen (high in the front and low in the back). See through dresses, shirts, and skirts will be in high demand. In this trend, I like the lace see through with the under layer look (this way I can wear this to church or anywhere else and have a classy look). Underneath, leggings, jeans or slacks look great. Sheath dresses are always a fashion staple. This year look for some of this dresses to be in non tradtional ultra bright colors or embroidered in the front. Ruffled shirts and tunics will also be in style.