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Welcome Spring into your home with some common repairs

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Have you had a case of the winter doldrums? If you like to tinker, grab a screwdriver and a hammer and tackle some easy home repairs. The work will fly by and the finished product or end result should help to raise your spirits. So much of our lives are out of our control, so this can be one fix.

To make things easier, just like baking, make a to-do list, assemble all your tools, shop for supplies in one trip and line everything up for efficiency. If you put the basic tools and checklist in a tool caddy, are able to carry it from room to room, things should go smoother and your organization will help to speed you through the tasks.

“...organization will help to speed you through the tasks”

Walk around each room and make a note of what needs doing. Look around and focus on quick changes, or small fixes that are not major redos.

1. Creaky floor boards. There are kits to help you but basically, you can quiet them by fastening them down better. Those anti-squeak screws are easy to conceal. An odd but quick tip we’ve heard about is to dust a little talcum powder into the seam where floorboards are joined. The powder acts as a kind of lubricant.

2. Clothes dryer vent. Pull the dryer out from against the wall, disconnect the vent pipe, and vacuum the lint out of the pipe and where it meets the machine. While you’re there, dust around the back of the fixture. Also clean the exterior dryer vent outside so the flap opens and closes easily.

3. Check hoses. Since we are in the laundry room, check the hoses and if you see cracks, drips or water spots, replace the hose. Do this with the dishwasher and the ice maker too.

4. Blistered paint in the shower on the ceiling. Heat and moisture are enemies to paint finishes. The only thing to do is scrape off old paint and re-coat with a high-quality exterior grade paint. If you buy a shower squeegee, let everyone know it’s to be used to keep the moisture down.

5. Loose hinges or handles on doors, furniture and cabinets. This is probably a quick fix. Turn the screws a couple times or tighten the hinges in cupboards. If the screw keeps spinning, take a toothpick coated with glue and stuff it into the hole to fit better (or switch to a bigger screw).

There are lots of other fixes and we will have more as the weather changes and you feel like tackling more needling little repair jobs to get you out of winter’s funk.



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