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Welcome rain, crop damage, falling trees and a derecho

Radar image 11:34 PM 30 July 02
Radar image 11:34 PM 30 July 02

Welcome rain, crop damage, falling trees and a derecho top the list of Michigan weather events on this day in history. From the National Weather Service and Storm Prediction Center (SPC) archives here are the events that happened on July 30.

Almanac 30 July 2014
Grand Rapids Weather Examiner

1913 - Offshore winds negate the cooling effect of Lake Michigan as Muskegon hits 99° for its all-time record high temperature. This reading was tied in later years. Temperatures are actually a bit lower inland as Grand Rapids is 96° and Lansing 92°.

1960 - Two squall lines preceding a cold front produced widespread severe weather with high winds and hail. Severe crop damage from hail occurred across much of Kent County.

1999 - Trees were down on camping vehicles at Bessemer in the early evening causing $10,000 in property damage. A 20 inch diameter pine tree was toppled in Wakefield with 6 inch trees down on power lines at Watersmeet. A satellite dish was destroyed and one to two foot diameter pine trees were blown down in Wakefield causing $5000 in property damage. Severe thunderstorms produced a 58 mph gust in Covington in the mid-evening and three 10 inch diameter trees toppled in Cornell and two 3 foot white pine trees down in Gladstone. Scattered reports of trees down across Dickinson County. Part of the roof on the North Dickinson School was torn off and carried several hundred yards east over the football field. The wood framed, sheet metal-sided bus garage was considered a total loss and a bus inside the garage was slightly damaged. Near Merriman, an all-terrain vehicle was crushed, two houses suffered roof damage, and a shed and a van were seriously damaged by falling trees. A pick-up truck was crushed by a falling tree in Hardwood. $500,000 in property damage came from the severe thunderstorms in Dickinson County.

2000 - 1.12 inches of rainfall fell in Flint, which is the precipitation record for the day. This marked the third day in a row (July 28-30) that daily precipitation records were recorded for Flint. The grand total for rainfall for this three-day period was 6.03 inches - this is almost twice the normal monthly precipitation (3.17 inches)! Muskegon observes a daily rainfall record of 0.92 inches.

2002 - Golf ball sized hail (1.75 inch) fell out of a severe thunderstorm in Garden in the late evening. One inch hail (quarter sized) was reported 4 miles northwest of Iron River and several trees were blown down on Irish Street in Iron River. Several trees were blown down across the road in Daggett. Several trees were blow down across Range Lind Road and Birch Creek Road 6 miles north of Menominee. A moist and unstable airmass over Upper Michigan interacted with a swiftly moving cold front to produce severe thunderstorms during the night. Large hail and damaging winds were reported over the south and west portions of the Upper Peninsula.

2003 - A short wave rotating around an upper low over northern Minnesota triggered severe thunderstorms as it passed over Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Numerous large trees were knocked down in a severe thunderstorm with gusts up to 75 mph one mile east of L'anse in the early evening. Click here for a radar loop of the storms on this day. The attached slideshow has a few severe weather maps for the day.

2005 - Quarter sized hail (1 inch) fell out of a severe thunderstorm 8 miles southwest of Ontonagon in the late morning.

2006 - One to two-inch diameter branches down with wind gusts up to 63 mph in a severe thunderstorm 5 miles south of Chatham in the early morning and two to four inch diameter branches down 5 miles south southwest of Rapid River. Click here for a radar loop of the storms on this day. The slideshow on the top has a few severe weather maps for the day

2008 - A tornado struck about three miles north of Clare at 3:17 a.m. A barn collapsed and the roof of a carport was blown into a stand of trees. Several other trees were either snapped off or uprooted.

2011 - The approach of an upper disturbance from Minnesota heralded one of the most significant severe weather events of the season. Widespread damage was reported from Ontonagon and Baraga counties east through Marquette and Delta counties. A cluster of severe thunderstorms with a derecho moved across the western and central U.P. in the afternoon and early evening hours. Numerous reports of trees and power lines down were received in Menominee County, especially across the southern part of the county in the Carney, Wallace, Powers, Banat, Stephenson and Menominee areas. A 40-foot by 70-foot section of the Fontana Terminal Building at the Ford Airport in Iron Mountain was torn off by winds exceeding 60 mph. Two flights were cancelled due to the damage and the passengers were bused to Escanaba to catch alternate flights. The Iron Mountain ASOS weather instrument registering a 66 mph wind gust. Sawyer Aiport near Gwinn reported a 59 mph wind gust with a tree falling on a power line at Little Lake, MI. A tree toppled on to a car in Iron Mountain and a 7 inch diameter tree was taken down 3 miles north northeast of Iron Mountain. A few trees were down across roads near Rapid River and 4 miles west southwest of Chicago Lake in Delta County and also 3 miles southwest of Escanaba in Ford River. Trees were also down in Paulding, near Bruce Crossing and Ewen and south of Bergland in Ontonagon County and a 6 inch diameter limb was brought down in Watton in Baraga County. Trees reported down over road near M-35 in Ford Township 1 mile west of the Delta County airport. Trees were reported down across Forest Highway 13 6 miles north northwest of Moss Lake. A 59 mph wind gust was measured by the Wind gust measured by the Sawyer Airport AWOS at 1602 EST. Numerous 3 to 4 inch diameter tree branches down in Austin at 1610 EST. A tree fell onto a power line in Little Lake at 1615 EST. Power lines and trees reported down in Lake Township 3 miles west southwest of Stephenson at 1505 CST. Approximately one-foot diameter trees reported down, along with multiple reports of power lines down and various 6-8 inch diameter branches were also reported down 1 mile north of Banat at 1515 CST. Three to four-inch diameter branches were reported down, a tree also fell on power lines, and a metal lawn chair was blown across the yard 1 mile northeast of Carney at 1515 CST. Three-foot diameter tree downed in yard on County Road G18 1 mile west northwest of Carney at 1515 CST. Five to six-inch diameter tree limbs were reported down in Menominee at 1515 CST. The Menominee County Sheriff's Office reported numerous trees and power lines down across the northern portion of Menominee County 1 mile north of Powers at 1515 CST. Various trees reported down on power lines in Wallace at 1515 CST. Trees reported down across roads and over power lines. County Road 38 was closed 2 mile east northeast of Carney at 1516 CST.

2012 - Ahead of a cold front, thunderstorms brought welcome rain to the parched state. Strong wind accompanied the storms bringing down trees and even an airport hangar door. Click this link to read more about the wind and rain.

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