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Welcome Back To Kurt's Home Based Business Report

Hello again from Kurt’s Home Based Business report.

I will be writing on a more consistent schedule this year as I now have more time and would like to pass on to my audience information on the ‘how to’s ‘ and the different home based business opportunities available to all of us.

There are many opportunities available. Anything from writing ISE articles to stuffing envelopes to making follow up calls for various clients. However, whichever opportunity you would like to choose, there are several factors that are constant for any type of business or employment.

You should choose something that you like to do to.

If you do not like talking on the phone, it would not be a wise idea to set up a home based business to provide follow up calls for your clients.

You need to treat your home based business just like a job.

Because it is your job! No matter what the hype or sales pitch is, this is how you will be making your living. So treat it just like you would if you had a real boss. And always remember, your new boss can be a jerk sometimes! (By the way, that would be YOU)

You need to set a schedule and keep great records of your time and finances.

Remember that since you now own a business you are able to take some tax advantages (please seek advice from a professional tax consultant for any and all tax advice) for your time, rent, utilities, mileage, and other items. You also need to track your income and outgo so you can see where your new found wealth is going. Also, always remember that Uncle Sam wants and WILL get his share, and the burden of proof is on you to prove that deduction or expense. KEEP EXCEPTIONAL RECORDS!

One of the most important things, and I have and written about it before, and will do so many more times, is to stay positive.

You are the person who decided to go into business for yourself. You are the boss. You are the target for all the bad stuff that may come your way. No one wants to do business with or be in business with a negative or grumpy person. The old adage “Your attitude determines your altitude” is so much more true when your are the business owner.

In my next article, I will cover two different home based businesses in a little detail from the same markets and try to compare their strengths and differences to each other.

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